One Button Mashup Mapping

Description and Instructions

This is a compilation of all the best mappings from our one button contest!
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Comments for v0.1.0
jamal almost 9 years ago
I saw some one comment about this for the F1. This would really be cool as a mapping on the Mikro as well
Matthieu Inglese over 9 years ago
Hello ! For me the mapping is unstable. Could we have an update by any chance ? Thanks
Troy Michael over 9 years ago
Love to see this for the F1. I not much of a mapping guru but perhaps the TSI can easily be changed to work with the F1?
Ashish Tripathi over 9 years ago
Hey can you all come up with something similar for ableton?
Reloadded over 9 years ago

Please do

Bini (Josh Barbini) over 9 years ago
Great Mapping. Can we get this to mapp to the spectra and or maschine pads in controller editor. Loaded mapping on spectra and not much happening. Kudos oN THE 1 Button Mapping!!!