Kontrol S4 Track Preparation Tool by Ean Golden

Description and Instructions

New update: Added Kontrol S4 Mk2 compatibility. 
This is a simple mapping design to be used in addition to your core Traktor Kontrol S4 Mapping for track preparation. 

  • It works on the focused deck 
  • only the left side of the controller does anything 
  • the mixer section does not work 
  • the effects are disabled 
  • this is intended to be enabled during prep and disabled for live use. 
  • Transport Preferences need to have Sync Mode set to "BeatSync"
  • These controls only work for Deck A
  • The controls on the Tempo Reset button for the Kontrol S2 are now on the "Tempo Offset Down" button on the Kontrol S4
  • Need to be monitoring via "Phones" jack to hear metronome
  • Set Deck Focus in Global Settings to "Software" to easily change focus decks by clicking. Focused deck will be yellow
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.3.0
BradParler about 7 years ago
The way in which the reset grid and tuning the grid using the size / set knob didn't seem to function the same as on the s2 you did the demo, but was able to make it work via mouse on the few that I needed to tune phase on. Just finished a beat grid grind where I did 114 tracks in under an two hours!
Danny almost 8 years ago
Hey there! On S4 MK2 traktor2.10.2 beat grid knobs not adjusting anything. if I hit the loop button it does lock the track. Also Play initiates the click, but doesn't play the track, and shift play plays the track.. Anything I'm doing wrong here? Thanks for the TSi Ean!!
santhrax about 8 years ago
hi, I am on traktor 2.10.160 and the right knob for phase and left knob for beatgrid move do nothing on s4 mk1. will there be an update? thanks
bwest over 8 years ago
hey maybe im doing something wrong...but thisdoesnt work for me...the play button zooms out instead of play...maybe you could tell me what im doing wrong i would really liek to use this thanks in advance
Justin Hoegy over 8 years ago

Make sure you have the in-port and out-port on the default tsi set to none

Rob McCulley almost 9 years ago
I was glad to stumble across this tool and see great promise for it but when I toggle it off it does not fully toggle back to the normal S4 controls. Also, it seems that the clock that it once sunk with seems to be disconnected. Am I doing something wrong her? THx Rob