Traktor S2 Track Preparation Tool by Ean Golden

Description and Instructions

Update: This mapping is now compatible with Kontrol S2 Mk1 and Mk2.
This is a simple mapping design to be used in addition to your core S2 Mapping for track preparation. 
  • It works on the Focused deck 
  • only the left side of the controller does anything 
  • the mixer section does not work 
  • the effects are disabled 
  • this is intended to be enabled during prep and disabled for live use. 
  • Transport Preferences need to have Sync Mode set to "BeatSync"
  • These controls only work for Deck A
  • Need to be monitoring via "Phones" jack to hear metronome
  • Set Deck Focus in Global Settings to "Software" to easily change focus decks by clicking. Focused deck will be yellow
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.3.0
giveortake about 7 years ago
Any chance for an update on this great mapping? It doesn't work on 2.11 (same issue reported by numerous users: no grid movement or phase adjustment) Any help is appreciated.
Andy over 8 years ago
I installed it on my S2 mk2 and the Play button didn't trigger play and master tick like the keyboard mapping does?
Stewe over 8 years ago

This totally works on my side. Did you ensure to have the deck in the focus?