One Button Contest - The VDJ

Description and Instructions


DJ an entire set using a single button. Press "V" to transition creatively between tracks. Tracks and fx load automatically.


- Import this mapping and disable other keyboard mappings.
- Go to Preferences/Controller Manager/Assignment Table and make sure all "Effect 1 Selector"  controls match the effect in the Comment.


- Load and cue a track in both decks.
- Play Deck A.
- Press, hold, release "V". Repeat until asked to leave.

Recommended Settings:

In Preferences/Loading check "Initially cue to Load Marker". If not, you'll have to cue each track manually.

Transition FX cycle:

1) Filter x-fade
2) Delay Freeze
3) Turntable Brake
4) Laser Slicer
5) Transpose Stretch Brake
6) Wormhole
7) Gater Filter
8) Beatmasher Filter Roll


Most transitions use Filter so remember to release "V" before you over filter the incoming track.

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