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iPhone Control

Description and Instructions

**Compatible with Traktor 2.6**

Screen 1

Hotcues (+ shift = delete)
Loop (+ shift = beat jump)
Auto Loop
Pitch bend (+ shift = scratch)
Key Lock

Screen 2
Headphone Cue, Mix & Volume
Browser On/Off
Load A/B
Browse List (+ Shift = quick scroll / + Tree = Browse Tree)

Screen 3
Deck select A or B
Scrub Track (+ ! = quick scrub)
Touchstrip Seek Track (not while playing)

Screen 4

Screen 5
Pitch Bend or Scratch
Pitch + / -

(Download contains Traktor tsi file and Touch OSC file)
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.2
dj_estrela over 2 years ago
very nice! are you familiar with TKFX? https://www.imaginando.pt/products/tkfx
Pierre-Antoine Gay over 6 years ago
Amazing job ! Thanks a lot for all the work on it is probably THE mapping i needed on my Samsung
Luigi Bridges almost 7 years ago
how can i use the same mapping for just deck C & D? by the way really good mapping :)
Raycotek almost 7 years ago

Thanks. Go to Preferences/Controller Manager and look in the Assignment Table. Scroll down the "Assignment" column and change every Deck A to Deck C, and change every Deck B to Deck D. Save yourself some time by ignoring every line that has "n/a" in the "Mapped to" column.

Greg Perez over 7 years ago
like the idea. ne problem. I have the iPhone 6. Deck A and B seem to have an issue with the treble ( but I can do without that) However, when press to play deck B the filter goes all the ay to the right or the eft distorting the sound. i have to literally correct that by moving the filter button on my S4. How can I fix that??? please reply at gp1182@gmail.com
Raycotek over 7 years ago

It's possible the S4 mapping is conflicting with the Touch OSC mapping. Try disabling all other mappings except Touch OSC. It might be possible to have S4 and Touch OSC mapping run at the same time, but you need to check in/out port settings in Preferences/Controller Manger/Device Setup.

pavpavdj over 8 years ago
Hey man, great mapping. I downloaded it and did a little editing so it suits me better. I want to ask you how to add more hotCUE buttons. I tried coding them but apparently I have to edit the .tsi file too, and I dont know how. I'll be glad if you help me. Cheers! :)
Raycotek over 8 years ago

Yeah sure but I made this mapping about 18 months ago and I've kinda forgotten how Touch OSC works since then! Before you get started, make sure that Traktor and Touch OSC are connected via midi. I modified my tsi file from an official Denon mapping so it actually includes commands for 8 hotcues across 4 decks. I only assigned 4 hotcue commands across 2 decks but the remaining commands are still contained within the mapping, they're just not assigned yet. This is good news for you. Go to Preferences / Controller Manager and make sure "Raycotek iPhone/TOUCH OSC" is selected in Device. Scroll through the Assignment Table until you find "Select/Set+Store Hotcue". There are 32 of these commands (8 per deck). If you click on one of these commands, it will tell you which Hotcue it refers to (Look at the bottom of the screen), which deck it's assigned to, and which button it is "mapped to", as well as other info that you don't need to worry about. Let's say you want to assign Hotcue 5 on Deck A to a button on your Touch OSC design, then find the "Select/Set+Store Hotcue" command that is Set to Value HotCue 5 on Deck A. Click Learn and then press the Hotcue 5 button on your Touch OSC device. The Device Mapping in Traktor should read the midi signal from the device and set itself automatically. Click Learn again to turn off Learn mode. Hopefully you have just mapped Hotcue 5 in Traktor to the Hotcue 5 button on your device. You'll need to do that for each hotcue on each deck. Most controllers work like this but I honestly can't remember if Touch OSC works in Learn mode. If not, you'll have to assign the midi value manually. Once again, find the "Select/Set+Store Hotcue" command for Hotcue 5 on Deck A, then click on "n/a" in the Device Mapping and choose a value like "Ch01.CC.xx" where xx is the unique midi value of the button in Touch OSC. You should be able to find that info from somewhere within the Touch OSC interface. Give it a try and if you can't make it work, let me know.

pavpavdj over 8 years ago

I managed to customise a decent mapping suitable for my iPhone 5. Thanks for the advices.