Raycotek MC3000 4FD

Description and Instructions

Nov 2014 - I've done a quick test with the new Traktor version 2.7.1 and it seems to be working fine, but if you find any problems, post them in the comments below.

This version is for 4 Full Decks + 4 FX Units. It is compatible with Traktor Pro 2.6 and 2.7. (It won't work with Traktor 2.5)

The main FX section has been changed from the previous version. It's now the same as my other mapping (2x2RD). A function table is included in the download.


NEW FEATURES only available in 4FD version 0.4.0:

EFX+SYNC activates/deactivates Jog FX. Use the jog wheel to control fx units expressively. While holding the jog wheel, press SAMP. 1 - 4 to change banks.

EFX+CUE activates/deactivates Smart Cues. Pressing hotcues 1 - 8 will activate fx while selecting cues. Use SAMP. KNOBS 1 - 4 to engage fx while jamming the cues. Press SHIFT + SAMP. 1 - 4 to change banks.

Mapping Features:

- Jog FX
- Smart Cues
- 16 x custom Smart FX per deck.
- 4 x custom Smart Button banks for beatmashing per deck.
- Reverse Play effect.
- Delay Freeze buttons with speed options.
- Turntable Freeze effect buttons with speed options.
- Transpose Freeze effect buttons with speed options.
- Jump to track start.
- Flux Mode control 
- Hotcues in play or stutter mode
- Beatgridding tools
- Browsing controls
- Snap, Quantize, Record and Crossfader controls
- Layout and resizing options
- Disco mode!!


(NB This will overwrite all mappings and settings. To save your mappings and settings before installation, open Preferences and hit Export at the bottom of the screen, and save everything.) Download and save the .tsi file, open Preferences and hit Import at the bottom of the screen. Select the .tsi file and hit Open. You must set Midi In/Out ports to MC3000. Other active devices may conflict with this mapping. For troubleshooting, set the Midi In/Out ports of other devices to "None"


Useful Information:

- FX controls are set to Units 1 and 2 by default.
- Hotcues are set to Play (not Stutter) by default.
- Browse button does not toggle views.
- To turn off browse manually, hit Browse + Shift.
- Hit Track Select Knob any time to revert to default Play Mode.
- You can't operate the deck normally in Disco Mode. It's for display only.

Fixes/Changes in BETA:

Beatgrid Tools: SHIFT + CUE turns off tick, Deck A
Smart cues: SHIFT + SAMP.1 - 4 = Bank Select
Jog FX: SHIFT + SAMP.1 - 4 no longer selects Banks
Smart Cues: Bank 4 has new fx combo
Smart Cues: LEDs now work for Loop Hotcues
Mixer: Filter Adjust also works when Smart Cues held
Mix Recorder: Turning on/off does not activate Play

If you find any bugs, post below and I'll fix them ASAP.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.4.0
djMarmoset over 3 years ago
Hey Raycotek, will the 2.7.1 update still run as usual, or will some settings alter. Thanks for all your work on this and other MC3000 tsi's! Cheers
Raycotek over 3 years ago

Hi - Just tested it and it seems to work okay, but there are sometimes bugs with software updates. Try it and if there are any problems let me know.

kasse almost 4 years ago
Hi Raycotek, Thank you for your work. I'm having an issue that I hope you can help me with. First I press Select Track Knob to start the Play Mode to play with the controller. Everything is fine at this point but after a while using the controller the Play Mode turns off randomly, without pressing Select Track Knob, and no button respond at all. (Play, Cue, Loop, etc) Therefore I need to press Select Track Knob to get it on again. This is quite frustrating because I usually lost the point that I wanted to play out a new track or set a loop on the fly... PS: I checked with MIDI-OX if the controller was sending the wrong command (Push instead of scroll) when scrolling the Track Select Knob to search for a track or folder and seems like the hardware is working fine. Version: Traktor Pro 2.6.4 Thank you for your help.
Raycotek almost 4 years ago

I don't know what that is. I've never experienced those buttons not responding. If you have imported any other mappings, there might be a conflict, so try deleting or disabling them. Or maybe you're accidentally entering Utility Mode (shift+Track Select Knob). This is a mode for altering some settings like screen layout.

josi over 4 years ago
hi raycotek please version for de 2.6.4 thank you
Raycotek over 4 years ago

Have you tried the current mapping with 2.6.4? I haven't tried it but I think it should work. I'm still using 2.6.1 because later versions aren't stable on my computer. Try it and if it doesn't work, let me know.

mixmasta almost 5 years ago
Hi Raycotek, Was using your mappings and tweaked it a bit.Not sure what went wrong but can you help me with it? Or and ideas before I throw everything out the window? Here's a video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDX5UOYjLTo Here's what I have done so far to try and fix it: Anyone got ideas? Here are the things I did: Reinstall VDJ LE and Traktor. Reinstall Denon Driver Tested with different TSi's All same result: Controller responding to changes in the software. Software not responding to controller commands.
Raycotek almost 5 years ago

The video you posted is private, so I can't watch it. Go to Controller Manager>Device Setup and make sure that both in-port and out-port are set to MC3000.

7elation almost 5 years ago
The faders don't work and deck B starts but you can't hear anything...
Raycotek almost 5 years ago

I think the faders are set to soft takeover so it sometimes takes a bit of fader wiggling to sync to the software. I can't think why your Deck B isn't working.

7elation almost 5 years ago

Finally got both decks to work, it was just an output tab that I had to fix in the options. however faders are still bust.