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One Button Build Up (Wolf edit)

Description and Instructions

Messed around with a kind of FOUR BAR build up technique for traktor. It will work with 8 or 2 bar if you wish, but it really sounds best as a four bar effect, because of the way that the FX values increase (try it out and you'll know what I mean).

It can be used to tweak existing build ups, or even created a build up where there isn't one already if the crowd is looking restless. I designed it in a way that it chops up and adds a forward movement the sound of one track, freeing up room to bring another one in, but upon messing around a little bit more with it, I've found you can also achieve a cool transition effect by using it on the incoming track instead.

The gater builds over time, starting at an 8th note and switching two bars in to a 16th, hence the advice two hold the effect over four bars. kinda creates room for a new track to peek through, without losing the tonal quality of the first track.

Transpose Stretch: 
This effect can be replaced with a filter, phaser pulse, or anything that can build tension. I chose transpose stretch because i personally like the pitchbend effect, but the main point of the second fx is to do anything to create a rising feeling.

Again. I chose Reverb T3 for the effect because I personally like the way it makes the 8th note gate seem less jerkey and it leaves a long tail of the last track at the end of the four bars, sort of like a freeze reverb effect i started using after watching an old DJTT video. However, this also could be replaced. I found any one of the echoes, delays, or reverbs to be a good choice.

I set it up so that all the values reset right after you hit the button again.
If you want to go further than the one button, when pairing it with my DJM-900 i really liked the sounds when the effect was activated alongside a Dub Echo, Space, or Spiral effect.

Have fun.

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