BeauBryte DJTT Kontrol S2 MK1

Description and Instructions

New Update: Added Freeze Mode.

This mapping is for the S2 MK1,
-S2 MK2 mapping here:
-S4 Mapping


Traktor Pro 2 mapping for N.I. Kontrol S2 Mk1 by DJTT Beau Bryte

Quick Guide: Guide.png

This Kontrol S2 .tsi is clear, convenient and also very powerful.

It has good LED feedback and everything is setup properly.
It's a fully loaded mapping for anyone, with many useful tweaks added to N.I.'s standard mapping and DJTT Jog FX. Some of the extra features on top of the default mapping are:

Beat Tap - Jog FX - Echo Mods - Browser Mod - Headphone Mod - Master Clock Tempo - Preview Player - Key Adjust - 4 FX units -  Deck C+D Mixer Controls - Quick load next track - FX presets - Instant FX - FX Off after loading - FX Panel Switches - Adjust Tempo 0.01 BPM - Any Shift On Mixer - Silent Pitch Fader Reset - Move Loop In/Out Cues - Master Deck Leds - Beat Phase Leds - Loop Recorder or Remix Decks - Flux Mode - Macro FX -  Freeze Mode - TimeCode Vinyl Support and more.

Basically you got all standard features plus DJTT Jog FX and many major improvements!
If you want a complete but straightforward mapping suitable for performing, this is for you.
It has automated features, like turn off fx after loading, automatically switch headphones and more. Also, this mapping comes with some FX presets, These are VERY easy to change in the controller manager by sorting comments. Read the manual for ALL features and more tips.

Deck set up: 2 track decks + 2 sample decks in Native HID Mode.
Mixer section for Deck C+D available while holding shift.
This one comes with 2 .Tsi mappings:
One with Gain=Gain and One with Gain=Filter.
A special version with Loop Recorder instead of remix decks is
also included.
Freeze Mode:
Shift + Loop In Button = Enable Freeze Mode
Shift + Loop Out Button: Disable /Reset Freeze Mode
Freeze Mode: Turn Loop Size Knob = Adjust Slice Size
Freeze Mode: Shift+ Turn Loop Size Knob = Adjust Slice Count

FX unit 1 + 2 = Main FX decks with full controls and many presets.
FX unit 3 + 4 = only for JogFX mode and Echo Mods.

Jog FX Mode:
Use the Jog wheel for controlling effects.
Press Shift+Tempo Reset button to Activate JogFX.

Hold Shift+Turn JogWheel to change preset.

Echo Mods:
Mod 1:
Shift+Left Loop Active Knob to activate an Echo Delay in FX Unit 4.
Mod 2:
Shift+Right Loop Set Knob to activate a Ramp Delay in FX Unit 4.

EQ / PFL / Volume Faders:
Deck A+B by default,
Deck C+D mixer section available while holding Shift.

Beat Tap: Use the Shift buttons.
Beat Tap A = Hold Right Shift + Tap Left Shift
Beat Tap B = Hold Left shift + Tap Right Shift

Set Master Clock Tempo:
Deck A:  Left Shift+ Left Sync      = Set To Master Deck
              Right Shift + Left Sync   = Set To Master Clock
Deck B:  Right Shift + Right Sync = Set To Master Deck
              Left Shift + Right Sync   = Set To Master Clock

(The Cue Transport buttons LEDS will be lit on the Master Deck)

Silently Reset Pitch Faders without changing Tempo:
Left Deck: Hold Right Shift + Move Left Pitch Fader
Right Deck Hold Left Shift + Move Right Pitch Fader
Tempo Reset LED will blink when the pitch fader is at 0%

Fine Adjust Tempo by 0.01 BPM
For very accurate manual beat matching: Hold Shift+ Turn Left Loop Move Knob to increase or decrease the tempo with small steps. This knob works exactly the same as the pitch fader, so it's only usable when the deck is master, or sync is (half) off or awaiting.

Cue Monitor:
Cue A/B = Headphone monitor Deck A+B
Shift Cue A/B = Headphone monitor Deck C+D
Headphones will automatically jump to other deck when a next track is loaded!

Shift + Play = Key lock On
Shift + Tempo fader = Key Adjust
Shift + Sync = Set To Master
Cue = Rewind to start
Shift + Cue = Cue set
Shift +Sample Mode A = Snap On
Shift +Sample Mode B = Quantize On

Left Knob: Beatjump / Loop Active
Right Knob: Set Loop Size / Set Loop
Shift + Press Left Knob = Echo Mod 1
Shift + Press Right Knob = Echo Mod 2

Shift + Turn Left Knob A = Fine Adjust Tempo fader by 0.01 bpm
Shift + Turn Right Knob A= Toggle Flux Mode A

Shift + Turn Left Knob B = Toggle Flux Mode B
Shift + Turn Right Knob B= Fine Adjust Tempo fader by 0.01 bpm

Loop Buttons: Set Loop In/out points, Flashing while using Echo Mod 1/2.
Shift+Loop In/Out+Jog Wheel = Move Loop in and Out points

Load A+B = Load Track in A/B
Shift + Load A+B = Load next track to deck.
Turn Browse Knob = Scroll list
Shift + Browse Knob = Scroll Favorites
Browse Button = Toggle Full Browser View
After switching to browser searches can be typed instantly.
Shift+Browse Knob = Scroll Collection
press CUE A or B to preview a track in the preview player
Press Shift+Cue 1-4 to load sample from list into that slot.

Flux Mode On/Off
-The easy way: Tempo Reset Button
-On the fly:
Deck A:  Hold Right Shift and press any HotCue on deck A
Deck B:  Hold Left Shift and press any HotCue on deck B

Tempo Reset Button:
-Press to activate FLUX Mode
-Hold Shift and Press to Activate JogFX Mode
-Hold the other deck's Shift and press to Reset Tempo

TimeCode Control for Traktor Scratch

  • Shift+Loop IN = Enable Scratch Mode

  • Shift+Loop IN = Set Vinyl mode to Relative

  • Shift+Loop OUT= Calibrate

  • Tempo Reset + Other Deck's shift = Reset to Turntable Speed

  • Play = Set to Internal Player


There's more! Read the manual to see all features!

Quick Guide: Guide.png

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Comments for v3.7.0
Mark almost 6 years ago
Awesome mapping but it does not work on latest version of Traktor, an update would be great!
Andrew over 5 years ago

any updates?

FabieTTo over 6 years ago
Hi.. with the latest version of traktor , your map seems to doesn't work anymore. Will you make an update please , in order to can use your map again? Thanks a lot for an answer
Bruno Noir about 6 years ago

Doesn't work on new version :(

chris about 6 years ago

i wish a new update for this mapping.... :(

Andrew about 6 years ago


John about 6 years ago

Tried to write BeauBryte but no answer... sad, that was my fav mapping....

JayHitcher almost 8 years ago
Having an issue using this in combination with the MIDI Fighter Twister. When the Twister's not connected, it works fine. With the Twister connected and JogFX is active, using both the DJTT Step Sequencer and Twisted Gratification mappings, it causes huge slowdown whenever a) Shift on the S2 is released (on both Twister mappings) b) a button is pressed on the Twister with the TG map. It's not a limitation of my computer; CPU and RAM load are all fine. I'm guessing it's because these maps use similar functionality maybe? Anyone know of a solution or alternate mapping that works around this? This is all happening on 2.10.2 by the way. Might just have to use the Twister as an Ableton controller if I ever wanna combo it with JogFX.
Kostadin about 8 years ago
I just try this mapping for the first time. I like it. But i dont like this "shift+browse button" thing that scrolls me into my favourites. I want the old way (original) - "shift+browse button" to change the folders in my explorer. Could you please let me know how to change that and bring it back to the original? Thank you!
Jose Andrade over 8 years ago
Hi, has anyone tried this on Traktor 2.10.0? Is it working properly? I'm using this mapping on 2.6.8 and i absolute love it.