The Amazing 3D! (Beaubryte)

Description and Instructions

Now available for Midi Fighter 3D!
Find the Spectra version here:

Unique concept, tons of effects!

This mapping has over 50 different sets of Instant Gratification available for you.
Each set is called a "Chamber" and an effect (like beat masher) can have up to 8 chambers with various specific fx collections.
The choice dependent selection uses many different effects sets for a unique experience.
You just pick a sound by pressing a red button, then a pattern/path appears with 7 options to complement that sound. Pick one and you'll enter a chamber/grid with a rack of effects that should sound well with your chosen path.
There are hundreds of sounds available and the dependent maze will provide you lots of fun exploring all the available grids.

This mapping has 2 sections at the home screen:
*Blue: 9 shortcuts to fixed Chambers with unique effect setups.
*Red: 7 choice dependent paths with 8 options to enter 7 or more chambers each. 

Bottom Rows buttons (RED) = Dependent Maze

* Choose and press a single button from the Maze section (2 bottom rows) to start a sound.
* A pattern with multiple options flashes, pick one.
* You now enter a chamber with a special FX setup build upon your two choices.

Hold a sound while exiting a chamber:

*Press any BLACK button from the Chamber section (2 top rows) to hold the current sound.
*You go back to the home screen (4 pulsating bars).

Clear a sound while exiting a chamber:

*Press any black button from the top rows again to disable hold and turn off all effects.

Exit a chamber and start a new path:
Press any BLACK button from the Maze section (2 bottom rows)
to start a new maze on top of it.

Top Row buttons (BLUE/Purple/Pink)= Fixed Chambers
There are 9 chambers available to jump to directly.

*Press a button from the chamber section to load up a chamber.
*Press a black button from the top row to Hold the sound and go back to the home page.
*Press it again to un-hold all effects and load up a new chamber.

FX Assignments

Use the BANK buttons to engage each deck.
Any deck combination is possible.

Reset All:
Use the middle left/right side button to reset everything with one click.

The middle left and right Reset button quickly restores all effect panels and clears all loaded states.
Conflicts may occur when using multiple devices to control the effects sections.
Pressing the Reset button on the Midi Fighter Spectra will put this mapping back to its initial state.

The 3rd right HID button switches to Remix Deck mode when custom firmware is applied.

More info on the forum:
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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