Twister - Advanced 4-Deck Rotary Mixer (Beaubryte)

Description and Instructions

Advanced 4-Deck Rotary Mixer for the Midi Fighter Twister

This Twister mapping is an advanced 4-deck rotary mixer with EQ's, Kill Switches and Pause/Play on the main page. 
Every row represents a single deck from top to bottom.
The 3 buttons on both sides holds 3 additional pages with extra features.

Hold Top side button #1: 
Browser Page with Track List, Loading and Headphone Cues.     
  • Turn the Browse knob to scroll up/down the track list.
  • Push the Browse knob to load selected track.
  • Turn the Tree knob to scroll up/down the collection tree
  • Push the Tree knob to expand/collapse                       
  • Turn the PFL Cue knob to adjust the Cue Mix volume
  • Push the PFL Cue knob to engage headphones for each deck
  • Push and HOLD a PFL Cue to adjust the main headphone volume
  • Push the Volume knob to load the Next Track from the list.
Hold Middle side button #2:
FX and Loop/Move controls
  • Turn the Filter knobs to engage the Filter
  • Push the Filter/Echo Knobs to get an Echo Freeze
  • Turn the Move knob to scroll through a track
  • Pushing the Move/Loop On knob makes "Loop Active"
  • Turn the Loop Size knob to adjust the loop/move size
  • Push the Loop Size knob to set a loop.
Hold Bottom side button #3:
Tempo Controls
  • Push the Tempo Bend + and - Knobs to nudge the tempo
  • Turning the Tempo Bend knobs has no functions yet
  • Press the Sync knob to engage sync
  • Turn the Sync knob to adjust tempo

Quick guide and installation info are included in the download package.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.1.0
Jose Haya over 6 years ago
Loved this mapping. It was exactly what i was looking for. Thank you very much!
cukrkatla about 8 years ago
THANK YOU so much! this is exactly what i need! cheers from Prague, working for me without problems!
n4Sphere almost 9 years ago
Hi Beau Bryte in theory really cool mapping but I have troubles with it. Does it support Traktor 2.8.1? The functions work, but the colors on the twister are quite off. They should indicate some movement or not ? And also I can only load the controller mapping not the FX settings. cheers! Daniel
monkeysan over 8 years ago

Same here. The dot-dial lights are not getting output from Traktor.

JoostvdBerg over 9 years ago
I believe it's all working. I tried following all the steps as said for this mapping. The only problem i'm facing right now is the loading for the FX settings.I can't select FX settings, i can only check or uncheck the box for controller mappings.
JoostvdBerg over 9 years ago

Love the library function by the way! Too bad indeed u can't see the detentes on the EQ's,

Beaubryte over 9 years ago

This mapping uses the standard fx settings, so it should work as expected without it.

monkeysan about 10 years ago
Amazing! Aside from the sequencer, having a compact rotary mixer is the reason I bought the Twister. It's a shame the Twister doesn't really see the detentes on the EQs, but that's just a niggle. Converted the right side holds to direct/switches, so I can linger on a mode with two hands. Again, thanks for the great work!
Beaubryte about 10 years ago

Thanks, you're welcome!