Twister - Advanced 4-Deck Rotary Mixer (Beaubryte)

Description and Instructions

Advanced 4-Deck Rotary Mixer for the Midi Fighter Twister

This Twister mapping is an advanced 4-deck rotary mixer with EQ's, Kill Switches and Pause/Play on the main page. 
Every row represents a single deck from top to bottom.
The 3 buttons on both sides holds 3 additional pages with extra features.

Hold Top side button #1: 
Browser Page with Track List, Loading and Headphone Cues.     
  • Turn the Browse knob to scroll up/down the track list.
  • Push the Browse knob to load selected track.
  • Turn the Tree knob to scroll up/down the collection tree
  • Push the Tree knob to expand/collapse                       
  • Turn the PFL Cue knob to adjust the Cue Mix volume
  • Push the PFL Cue knob to engage headphones for each deck
  • Push and HOLD a PFL Cue to adjust the main headphone volume
  • Push the Volume knob to load the Next Track from the list.
Hold Middle side button #2:
FX and Loop/Move controls
  • Turn the Filter knobs to engage the Filter
  • Push the Filter/Echo Knobs to get an Echo Freeze
  • Turn the Move knob to scroll through a track
  • Pushing the Move/Loop On knob makes "Loop Active"
  • Turn the Loop Size knob to adjust the loop/move size
  • Push the Loop Size knob to set a loop.
Hold Bottom side button #3:
Tempo Controls
  • Push the Tempo Bend + and - Knobs to nudge the tempo
  • Turning the Tempo Bend knobs has no functions yet
  • Press the Sync knob to engage sync
  • Turn the Sync knob to adjust tempo

Quick guide and installation info are included in the download package.