Twister - Remix Deck Mapping (Beaubryte)

Description and Instructions

Midi Fighter Twister Mapping for Traktor Remix Decks

Clear or complicated? Try it.
This mapping is designed to have the basic remix deck controls on the Twister.
Having quick controls over the remix decks should be a no-brainer with this mapping, but the additional features might need some time learning though.

This mapping has 3 pages:
  • The Main 4x4 grid with 16 remix cells
  • An FX page with Effects
  • A Mixer Page with EQ, Kill, Filters, Loop, Sync, Play/Pause
Main Remix Decks Page
  • The main Remix Deck page has the 4x4 grid with 16 remix samples per page
  • Press a switch to select a clip and start it.
  • Turning the encoder will adjust all 4 Volumes for the corresponding slot.
  • All encoders control Volumes, but If you press and hold a switch, All the encoders become Filters.
  • Release the button to get back to volumes again.
  • To enable filters for all sample slots, go to the Mixer Page (3rd side button) 

Left Side buttons:
1-Sample Page UP (Hold to Capture)
2-Go to FX PAGE
3-Sample Page Down (Hold To Capture)

Right Side buttons:
1-Deck C
2-Go to MIXER Page
3-Deck D

Quick guide and installation info are included in the download package.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.3
STEPHANE about 4 years ago
Hello, quite new in MFT but your mapping is quite interesting One thing I don't understand is how to create/access to sequencer pattern ? Slots are playing, MFT internal sequencer is empty.... Then will be perfect to master the remix deck! Very good work Thanks for your support Bye Stephane
dicko almost 9 years ago
This mapping is so much more fun than using the F1
Beaubryte over 9 years ago
This update runs great on the latest firmware version.