Royal Kontrol X1 MK2 (Beaubryte)

Description and Instructions

Kontrol X1 MK2 mapping For Traktor Pro

This mapping improves the default mapping with a few additional options. It should operate like the standard mapping with some nice features on top. This project must grow and will be more advanced in the future, but for now I start with the basic stuff. I'm interested in how you use your X1, so keep posting suggestions and feedback.
I will work on TouchFX soon.


  • 6 Customizable Effect Presets
  • Quick Load Next Track from list
  • Instant Echo Freeze
  • Timecode Support
  • Improved LED monitoring for effects

Echo Freeze
This programmed delay effect is located on the 2 top FX/Mode buttons.
These buttons are unused when FX Units 1+2 are set to grouped panels.
The FX/Mode button on FX1 is for freezing the left deck, FX2 for the right.
Just press it to get an instant Echo-Out effect anytime.

FX Presets Unit 1
Shift + FX 1  = Gater - Filter Lfo -Digital Lofi
Shift + FX 2  = BeatMasher - PeakFilter - IceVerb
Shift + FX 3  = Event Horizon - DarkMatter - Zzzurp

FX Preset Unit 2
Shift + FX 1 = Ramp Delay - BeatMasher - Reverb
Shift + FX 2 = LaserSlicer - WormHole - FlightTest
Shift + FX 3 = GranuPhase - FormantFilter - Bass-O-matic

FX assign buttons =  Assign A+B
Shift+FX assign = Assign C+D
The orange arrows indicate the assignment of FX unit 3+4

Loop Knob Push = Loop Active
Shift+Loop Knob Push = Set Loop
Turn Loop Knob = Set Loop Size
Shift+Turn Loop Knob = Move Loop

Blue Load Buttons = Load Track into Deck A or B
Shift+Load Buttons= Quick Load Next Track from List into Deck

HotCues: Cues 1-4 or Remix Deck Slot 1-4
Cue Button = Set Cue, Cue/Play
Cue Button (Scratch Control only )= Set Vinyl play mode to Relative
Shift+Cue Button = Jump back to start

Play button: Play Pause
Play (Scratch Control only) = Set play mode to Internal Player
Shift+ Play Button = Enable Key Lock

This mapping comes with 4 *.tsi files:
one for deck A+B, C+D, C+A and B+D
Choose either one of them but only use 1 mapping at the same time to avoid conflicts!
Using multiple X1 Mk2's is no problem, just assign a separate mapping to every device.
See the manual for additional info.

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Comments for v0.1.1
Patrick Nußbaum over 1 year ago
Echo Freeze selects the wrong effect, instead of delay gater is selected and freezing decks feels a bit uncomfortable, but the rest works pretty good
Barry McKinley almost 4 years ago
Were the strip FX's ever completed? Very complete mapper outside of that
alexis almost 6 years ago
Link mapping please :( about 7 years ago
Hello, Please I have problem. It works just in Deck C and Deck D,it's normal? Thank you for your reply
Los Pistolos over 8 years ago
Hi, first I must say I love this mapping. Can you tell me how to reset the pitch easily. I have read that sync+loop knob push should do this, but it does not work for me. One other thing is that the echo freeze fx sometimes want work, do anyone have the same problem?