Maschine Remix Fighter for Traktor (Beaubryte)

Description and Instructions

Maschine MK1 mapping for Traktor Pro 2.6.2 and above.
Lots of features, Easy to learn.

Added Basic Remix Deck controls for Deck C+D
*Use Pad Page C or D and Display Page 3
*Use the Scene button and the right display buttons to page up/down
*Read the manual for load and play parameters

*To get moving remix deck indicators for the rotary knobs on the displays:
Hold Shift on your Maschine, then turn the knob "Show Values" on the right display and set it to "Show Bars".

You need 5 minutes to master this mapping, it's that simple..

This mapping is intended for using Maschine as a secondary controller.
It got Cues, Loop recorder, FX and Remix Deck controls, but the main mixing part is done on your primary controller. All other things you need are here. The added display pages give you more control over the advanced functions in Traktor. Check them out.

This release includes a Manual, a Maschine configuration file, and a Traktor .tsi mapping with Midi Fighter Classic already in it. The MF part is updatable separately. It's compatible with Traktor Pro 2.1.2 up to 2.6.3

Key Features:

Loop Recorder - 4/8 Hot Cues - 4 FX Units - FX Presets - Midi Fighter Instant Gratification - Grid/BPM/Cue Editor - Midi Clock Settings - Audio Recorder - Remix Deck Controls - Customizable FX selection..

        *Basic, ergonomic layout and work flow
        *Loop recorder on the transport buttons
        *Only two main modifiers (one for FX, one for mute and delete)
        *Other shifted functions are put in convenient places
        *Load functions for Sample Decks (from loop rec, deck or list)
        *It has nice LED feedback, just push a modifier and you'll see
        *Grid Editor for Deck A+B
        *Instant Gratification mapping for all Decks
        *Easy to add your own FX presets
        *You won't get lost on this one...

Pad Page A: 4 Hot cues and FX enable buttons all for Deck A+B
Pad Page B: 8 Hot cues for Deck A+B
Pad Page C: Remix Deck Controls for Deck C
Pad Page D: Remix Deck Controls for Deck D
Pad Page E: Midi Fighter Instant Gratification Deck A
Pad Page F: Midi Fighter Instant Gratification Deck B
Pad Page G: Midi Fighter Instant Gratification Deck C
Pad Page H: Midi Fighter Instant Gratification Deck D

Display Page 1: FX 1+2
Display Page 2: FX 3+4
Display Page 3: Load/Play parameters for Remix decks C+D
Display Page 4: EQ/mixer controls for deck C+D
Display Page 5: Assign FX Units Deck C+D
Display Page 6: Midi Clock Settings
Display Page 7: Deck A+B Cue & Grid Editor
Display Page 8: Audio Recorder

Give me some feedback to make this one better!


To update:
-Import the *.ncm file in the N.I. controller Editor
-Import the *.tsi file in Traktor.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.