Twister - Express FX (Beaubryte)

Description and Instructions

Midi Fighter Twister Express

Use every encoder on the Twister for very expressive effects while the buttons switch presets. 
This mapping is purely an effects controller - and the real power is in the presets.

  • Basically the switches/buttons toggle 1 of the 16 customized presets
  • The rotary knobs are in essence the Traktor FX unit knobs stacked and spread out horizontally.
  • Controlling FX parameters has the same left to right direction as in Traktor
  • After loading a preset, the On/Off switches for that preset stays lit.
  • When loaded, the encoder LEDs displays the available fx knobs for that preset.
  • The 4 corner buttons select the decks.
  • The middle left side button resets all encoders and buttons
  • While holding the middle right button, all the FX buttons become available on the switches.
  • Flexible output by adding more or less dry/wet amount before loading a preset
  • This mapping should be fun while working the encoders and the output becomes more or less predictive over time.
Quick guide and installation info are included in the download package.