Tablet-Fighter Remix Decks (Android+Apple) (Beaubryte)

Description and Instructions

New Fresh Layout, additional features and Remix Deck support.
Improved JogFX presets
Confirmed: works on phones too.

Control Traktor with your Android/Apple device.

What is this?

TouchOSC is an app for Android/Apple that can send midi messages from a tablet or phone over WiFi to a computer running Traktor.
The device displays controls for Traktor, this makes wireless mixing possible. This project is a custom mapping with a special designed layout for tablets. It should work with any Android and Apple device that runs the TouchOSC App v1.9.1.

What can I do with it?
-Portable, wireless control over Traktor, using WiFi
-Use your phone/tablet as a supplemental controller, or just play around.
-Use a remote 4 deck mixer with JogFX, loops, 8 cue points
-Midi Fighter style Instant Gratification for all 4 decks.
-Full Remix Deck Controls for deck C+D

Page 1 : Main Mixer Page
Page 2 : Mixer + Deck A/C Large
Page 3 : Mixer + Deck B/D Large
Page 4 : Midi Fighter Deck A
Page 5 : Midi Fighter Deck B
Page 6 : Midi Fighter Deck C
Page 7 : Midi Fighter Deck D
Page 8 : Remix Deck C
Page 9 : Remix Deck D

What do I need to run this on my tablet or phone?
You need a tablet/phone with Android or Apple IOS, You also need the TouchOSC APP version 1.9.1 from the app store.

>Buy TouchOSC from the App Store or Google Play Store.
It's about $5 USD. TouchOSC comes with an editor so you can design your own layouts too. For more info visit the official TouchOSC page

All other files are in the free package:

* TouchOSC Bridge PC/MAC application for midi connections
 between Traktor and your Tablet
* Traktor Pro mapping to use the custom layout.

You need a computer running Traktor, a (home) network connection and an Android/Apple Device.
Make sure your computer and your phone/tablet are connected to the same (home/wifi) network.

How do I install?
3 easy steps after installing the App,
-Make the "bridge" connect your tablet and computer
-Import the custom layout into the App
-Import the custom mapping into Traktor.
There's a manual included just in case.

Any limitations?
You need to have at least Traktor 2.6.2 and TouchOSC v1.9.1.
Always close Traktor before launching the Bridge on your computer.
This layout works on smart phones too, but the display size might be a bit small.

Please post if it works with your Android/Apple device!
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v3.1.0
phatfreddy about 4 years ago
Amazing Work!!! Thank you for putting so much dedication into it. Your Mappings are a World of its own.
paul over 5 years ago
Excellent work, thank you.
Craig almost 8 years ago
Hi there fantastic work though having a few problems, connects to touch bridge and plays well though when I try to change pages ie from remix decks back main mixer in doesn't stay on the mixer page. Help please
Richy Barrios over 8 years ago
hello, fabulous, but not working . I load but none has the mapping is blank.
tom about 9 years ago
hi there im not able to get the osc file to the ipad. my pc is saying that my ipad i not connected. yes, my ipad is connected