Midi Fighter 3D All-in-1 Pack (Beaubryte)

Description and Instructions

Februari 2021:

This mapping works with all Traktor Pro versions.

Welcome new 3D users!
Here's a great mapping to start with. It has all the features you want to check on your new device
. Simply use the Midi Fighter Utility to import the included .mfs into your MF3D. Then close the utility, open Traktor and import the .tsi mapping.

*Also available for Midi Fighter Spectra:


*Updated to the latest MF3D Firmware, please update your device!
(bank side buttons should be set to disabled)

Midi Fighter 3D All-In-1 mapping by Beau Bryte.

 All you ever need for your 3D!

This release merges several concepts into one easy to learn mapping.
Designed for Traktor Pro 2.6, with 4 Deck Controls, 3D Motion Controls,
Flux Mode, Macro FX, Instant Gratification and more.

It’s a full featured Midi Fighter 3D Mapping and it has all the popular advanced features set up in a simple way so it’s very easy to learn and fun to use.
No hard studying, just plug and play. You’ll master this mapping in no time!

Go wild on the “FX page” or use the “Transport page” for additional deck controls next to your main mixer.
The one-touch effects are designed to give you great instant effects every time, They're programmed to change effect values automatically and you can also use the motion sensors to gain more control.
You won’t get lost on this mapping, just take a look at the Quick Guide.

This Midi Fighter 3D mapping has 2 pages: DECK mode and FX mode
You can switch between pages by using side button number 3 (left).
Side button number 6 (right) is reserved for HID mode( Remix Decks)

This mapping uses specific color, bank, and sensitivity settings,
so transfer the attached Midi Fighter configuration file to your device.


*2 modes: Deck Page + FX Page
*Works with and without 3D motion
*Full deck controls for all 4 decks
*8 Hot Cues
*Flux Mode
*Macro FX
*Instant Gratification for all decks
*Toggle Remix Deck HID Mode with a side button for custom firmware users
*4 FX buttons with motion control on the Transport Page
*4 customizable FX presets for the Transport Page
*Sync,Tempo and Loop Controls
*Transport buttons: Master Tempo, Rewind, Pause Play (all safely shifted)
*Side buttons 1+2 for Loop Size, FX browsing, Cue Type Selection or Tempo Adjustment
*Bottom Left side button switches between Transport Page and FX Page
*Bottom Right side button toggles HID Remix Deck mode (When custom Firmware is applied)
*16 FX Buttons on the FX Page, with very powerful “endless” combo’s
*5 DJ Tech Tools Super Combos included
*Dry/Wet values by tilting the MF Up/Down, most start values are fixed
*On the side or in your hands? You choose, it should be great in both ways!
*One hand FX control by tilting the device to the sides (very responsive)
*Two hands FX control by rotating the MF from left to right (more accurate)

Have a peek at the Quick Guide.

For support, feedback or requests, please leave a comment below.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.3.3
DJ QuickPheet over 3 years ago
Hello all I've used this mapping since day one with a midi fighter 3d and love it. The only thing is I want to change the colors of the FX page because on the current midi fighter firmware 07 june 2018, and I'm using mapping v.0.3.3 and the only color is purple. Has anyone been able to change the colors of the FX page? I've tried the midi fighter utility but haven't been able to figure out how to change layered button colors please help. Thank you for your time.
Beaubryte over 3 years ago

The colors on the FX page are set by Traktor. I checked your issue and it might have something to do with data not correctly being loaded. I solved it by taking these steps: 1) Go to the MF Utility, select tools > Alternate firmware > Legacy > Standard. This will revert to the original 2013 firmware. 2) Now import my MF settings configuration and send it to the MF3D. 3) Close and re-open the utility. 4) Now update to the latest firmware of 07 june 2018. 5) Load en send my MF settings configuration file once more. 6) Open Traktor, import my mapping and fx settings even though it already exists. Remove the duplicate instance of the mapping. 7).. solved? Enjoy!

Santos Dub almost 6 years ago
Just to update, i start using this map with TP2.11 and everything works fine here. Thnx Beaubryte
Eric Robinson about 8 years ago
Im purchasing a Kontrol S5 and replacing my old S4 with it. On the S4 i had this MF3D mapping working along side with an F! Can i use this mapping still if i am changing my controller to an S5?
Nicholas over 8 years ago
Hey dude, I believe i've set up everything perfectly. When i open traktor the midi lights up just like the mapping is supposed to look like. When i drag a remix set into a remix deck i select a loop and try to cue it to the midi but it doesn't work. I know it's set up correctly because i can hit the green button on the midi to play the track from my laptop and I can use the orange and blue button on the midi to rewind the track. The PROBLEM is that when I hit the shift button on the midi and one of the side buttons to sync the cue, it won't work. So basically everything is set up except for the fact that the loops in the traktor will not sync with the midi. I hit the shift button and have tried every button on the side of the midi (because it says 1-5) and then I hit the arcade button to sync it and it won't work. this is literally the last step I need to start remixing and the cues will not go into the midi. can you help me out?
Den Solo almost 9 years ago
This is very well done. Do you have a version with the Midi Fighter 3Ds default color mappings (Buttons black, when inactive and light blue when activated + Sparks?) on the FX page? The current state of the FX page may be functional but is really unpleasant to look at. Would be glad to hear from you.