Midi Fighter 3D Express (Beaubryte)

Description and Instructions

Midi Fighter 3D Express Mapping

The point of this mapping is to use the 3D for very expressive effects on each axis that can be combined in the air. The buttons only switch effects - the 3D must be picked up to bring in effects with wet dry, creating a smooth sound. So this mapping is purely a effects controller - and the real power is in the presets.

  • Pick up the MF3D, press any of the 16 buttons to load an effect
  • Move the 3D > Use tilting on the sides, do not rotate or steer.
  • Each direction of the tilt is fading in the D/W of a unique FX unit
  • All units turn into single effects when a preset is selected
  • The preset turns on all 4 effects (or off is pressed a 2nd time)
  • Each of the 16 buttons selects a different effect preset
  • The selected preset blinks to show you which one is selected
  • The other buttons are black to use the tilt effects visualization
  • Each preset is a combination of 4 single effects (old and new) and a specific value for that effect
  • The bottom side buttons enable hold and hold the effects ON so the unit can be put down
  • The top and middle side buttons increase the FX Values

A manual and installation guide are included in the download package.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.