NanoKontrol Remix Decks (Beaubryte)

Description and Instructions

I made a custom Korg Nanokontrol mapping for the times when I don't want to use Maschine.
This mapping is controlling Remix Decks C+D, FX Units 3+4 and the Loop Recorder.
I hope you like it.

Take a look at the Manual.

Page 1 : Remix Deck Controls

-All Knobs control the Mixer EQ, or the filters for each slot individually
-All Faders always control volumes
-Top row buttons are slot play/pause
-Bottom row is slot re-trigger.
 Turn phase sync on by pressing the Sync On button on number 9.

Page 2: Sample Loading Page

-All Knobs control the slot size.
-All Faders always control volumes
-Top row buttons load samples from the browser list, press (9) to load from decks.
-Bottom row sets play mode for each slot.

The transport buttons are for browsing.
Use the << >> buttons for jumping through favorites,
Use play/stop to scroll up/down the list.

Page 3 : FX Units 3+4

-All Knobs control the FX Units.
-All Faders always control volumes.
-All Top buttons control FX Units.
-Bottom row is for retriggering, Hold the FX enable knob to enable FX for a slot.
-Use the << >> transport buttons to enable FX for Deck C or D.

1.Open Korg Kontrol Editor, backup your settings.
2.Click file, Open, locate the file "Custom Korg NanoKontrol.nktrl_set" attached to this post.
3.Click communication, select "Write scene set".
4.Confirm overwrite and close the Kontrol Editor.
5.Open Traktor Pro.
6.Go to the settings and then controller manager.
7.At devices, Click Add.. then import at the bottom of the drop down menu.
8.Select "Korg NanoKontrol C+D.tsi" from this folder.
9.After loading, make sure the in and out ports are set to NanoKontrol.
10. That's it!

Full size image:
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Marin almost 10 years ago
Is it possible to play with DJ controler decks A&B simultaneosly with Nanokotrol on remix decks C&D?
Beaubryte almost 10 years ago

yes, that should be no problem!

Beaubryte over 10 years ago
This mapping is compatible with Traktor 2.6.5!