Kontrol S4 Vegas Mode

Description and Instructions

Vegas Mode

This mapping adds a demo feature to your Kontrol S4.
It works with all S4 devices, MK1 and Mk2.

To activate/deactivate Vegas Mode:

Hold Left Shift+ Right Shift and press the LEFT Flux/Reset button
toggle Vegas Mode on.
Each side of the controller displays the deck’s Beatphase,
so make sure deck A and B are playing.
While enabled, all controls on the device still work.

To import this mapping,
Go to Traktor Preferences/Controller Manager

Hit add.. Import TSI > Import Other

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Comments for v0.1.0
nuukkinkold over 4 years ago
quick question... could this mapping be applied to another controller and just midi learn the commands so the non kontrol controller would light up and perform all the cool fx?... thank you for all your work you share with us canon foder. i am quite partial to the maschine fighter. it allows me to have decks on my apc40 and fx on maschine. thank s for your time. cheers.
Jim over 5 years ago
A belated thank you for this mapping! One question, is there a way to slow down the LEDs? It's really, really staccato on my MK2. Is this down to the music? I'd like to get some sort of wave like the initial power up lights. Is this possible at all? Total newb when it comes to mapping so your patience is appreciated! Cheers!
ELEFO almost 7 years ago
Hi impossible to find on my s4 mk1 the flux/reset button...
Beaubryte almost 7 years ago

Hi, Try Shift+Left Tempo Offset :)

Tony Rose over 9 years ago
I loaded it onto my S4 Mk2 and it nuked my other settings. The instructions say "Go to Traktor Preferences/Controller Manager Hit add.. Import TSI > Import Other" But, in my version of traktor, 2.7.1 , There is no "Import TSI > Import Other" option in the controller manager, unless I am missing it somehow... so I used the big "Import" button on the bottom of the preferences window.
Beaubryte over 9 years ago

When using the Big import button, all other mappings get cleared. At the top of the controller manager, at the "device"section, click on "Add.." and follow the steps.

Jamie Fitzgerald almost 9 years ago

Changing settings seem to cut the sound for a second what if your playing live ...

nuukkinkold over 8 years ago

don t do imports playing live. prep yo gear rior to playing out.

Chris Uhle over 9 years ago
Works well