Numark 4TRAK Mapping for Traktor Pro 2.6 (Flux Mode, Dedicated Macro FX, Autogain, Post Fader controls)

Description and Instructions

Numark 4TRAK Mapping for Traktor Pro 2.6

This updated mapping still holds the same basic functionality of the standard Numark 4TRAK mapping with the additions of the new Flux Mode, Macro FX, Autogain, and Post Fader effects. The only noticeable changes are that the Key button, and key knob now require the shift button engaged. This mapping requires the full version of Traktor Pro 2.6 or higher.

Key Features

  • Flux Mode on/off button.
  • 5 dedicated Auto-Loop or “Slip Roll” buttons.
  • Strip search now activates loop length when in Flux Mode.
  • Dedicated control section for 11 Macro FX .
  • Autogain control with shift button.
  • Insert, Post Fader, and Send effect routing toggles for fx units 1 & 2.
  • Browser toggle, Snap, and Quantize buttons.

Setup Instructions

  1. Download the mapping.

  2. Unzip the file. 

  3. Open Traktor Pro 2 Software. 

  4. Click the Preferences icon from the top right menu. 

  5. Click the Import button from the bottom of the Preferences window. 

  6. Select the Numark_4TRAK_Traktor_Pro_2_6_[M]FX.tsi. (Windows or Mac)

  7. Repeat this step TWICE to ensure the settings load correctly.Make sure controller mappings, and effect settings are checked. 

  8. Twist the Assign Knob, to select [M] FX 1-11. Push the encoder to load.

  9. Press the Key button or push the assign fader up to turn on the effect.

  10. Twist the Key knob to control the parameters of the macro fx.

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Comments for v1.2.0
Marshall Watts almost 8 years ago
Are there going to be any updates for the new unmark drivers? The old driver is causing a kernel panic and my computer to crash because of some issue with the iMac core audio interface. Would love to get an update, thanks!
Preston over 9 years ago
2 years later and this mapping is still killing it, great work!
Luis Antonio about 10 years ago
Someone can help me with a problem... I already import the actualization and all that stuff but there's one problem, the autogain, when I push the shift button it blocks or cancel the digital knob gain aaand shift button of the left side block the gain of the C A channels and the right shift button block B D channels, I don't know what to do, I'm kind of new in this... Please help me!!!
Mark Bush about 10 years ago
I'm having with the Master gain knob in the software not reflecting the position of the master gain knob on the controller... I've verified it's getting signal when twisted as the gain works properly, but i can't tell what position it's in anymore by looking at Traktor... I looked through the mapping and can't find the setting for Master Gain, should I map it? Was it missed?
Mark Bush about 10 years ago

nevermind, i fixed the issue by adding a new mapped setting for it, but I've been having another issue that's REALLY bothering me... I use this in conjunction with a MF3D and I switched the MF3D to control FX banks 3 and 4... whenever I touch the right jog wheel, it enables FX Bank 3 in Chained mode to turn on temporarily while my hand is on the jog... It makes it difficult to scrub through a song or adjust minor positions while another song is playing because that song will pickup the Reverb effect... I tried to figure out what the midi signal that the jogwheel is sending is, but whenever I click "Learn" and tap the top of the jog, it says it's not assignable. :(

tullio dj over 10 years ago
mappatura 1.2.0 perfetta ottimo lavoro