CTC RemixPad for Novation Launchpad

Description and Instructions

CTC RemixPad for the Novation Launchpad 
*This mapping requires Traktor 2.6.2 or higher.

*Also works on the newer Novation Launchpad [S] and Mini Models.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full Remix Deck Control – Deck C & D
  • Sample Browsing & Loading
  • Volume, Mute, Monitor, FX, Keylock for Each Slot
  • Capture, Delete, Reverse, Trigger, Play Mode Modifiers
  • LED Feedback for Empty, Loaded, Waiting, and Playing Cells

Installation Instructions: Using Just the CTC RemixPad.

  1. Download, and Unzip the Mapping File.
  2. Open Traktor Pro 2, and Click Preferences or the Gear Icon in the Top Right Menu.
  3. Click the Import Button From the Bottom of the Preferences Window.
  4. Select the CTC RemixPad.tsi Mapping File.
  5. Leave the Default Boxes Checked and Click OK.

Installation Instructions: Adding the CTC RemixPad to your DJ setup.

  1. Download, and Unzip the Mapping File.
  2. Open Traktor Pro 2, and Click Preferences or the Gear Icon in the Top Right Menu.
  3. Click Controller Manager on the Left Side.
  4. Under Device Setup Click Add…
  5. Select the CTC RemixPad.tsi Mapping files you wish to add to your setup.

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Comments for v1.0.0
Dane Custance 17 days ago
Just wanted to say a massive thanks for this dude it works wonders on my launchpad mini mk2. When i first loaded the file i had to manually enable deck C in the device setup, device target dropdown in the controller manager page of the preferences, deck D was already setup. Frikin superb.
iperdiscount 3 months ago
You are a real KKKing man
Do&Re over 1 year ago
Does anyone have this mapping for launchpad MK2???
Petr Cervenka 5 months ago

Need that too

ka8laschnikow over 2 years ago
thx :)
Rio B over 2 years ago
Hi JWILL, I have a critical issue with mine. I use launchpad mini and it worked fine at first. Then I realized when i press slot 1 in row 1, it also triggers hot cue1. And if press slot 3 row 1, it expands the browser. I think launchpad has default mapping on traktor pro. Idk how to solve that, because I already removed all mappings and then re-add your mapping, it still got the same problem. If there's any info, I will be glad to hear that. Btw your mapping's great that I've been looking for a while. An alternative of F1, I never use it before and I encouraged myself to buy one, just to make a try. Thanks, man.