LAUNCHPAD FIGHTER 4 - 4 Decks of Instant Gratification FX

Description and Instructions

4 Decks of Instant Gratification FX - DJTT Super Combos JWiLL Edit

*Also works on the newer Novation Launchpad [S] and Mini Models.

Setup Instructions

1.     Download the mapping.

2.     Open Traktor Pro 2 Software. 

3.     Click the Preferences icon from the top right menu. 

4.     Click the Import button from the bottom of the Preferences window. 

5.     Select the JWiLL_Launchpad_Fighter_4.tsi. 

6.     Repeat this step TWICE to ensure the settings load correctly. 
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How to Use

  • When the deck flavor is Track Deck the 4 pads above the Instant Gratification FX section will control Hot Cues 1-4.

  • When the deck flavor is Remix Deck the 4 pads above the Instant Gratification FX section will control the Slot FX On/Off.

  • Hold down Mixer (Shift) + Hot Cue will delete the Hot Cue. 

  • Hold down Mixer (Shift) + Play will cycle through the Deck Flavors.

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Comments for v1.1.0
lucas over 3 years ago
Hey, its stable with even LAUNCH BUTTONS apps for android. Perfect
luc about 8 years ago
unable to get this to work with launchpad mk2 only a few buttons light up and two fx work. Might just be me but its definitely not easy to get working. Tried to use a s4mk2 and just have this as an FX controller.
dj carlson about 10 years ago
hey why can't i use this software directly by opening it?? i'm still new at this sort of stuff
john bauerlein about 10 years ago
how do I get this to work while still keeping my traktor s2 running? when I import these settings it erases my previous one for the s2.
Ryan Summers about 10 years ago
Stable with Launchpad S
JWiLL (CTC) about 10 years ago

Hey Ryan! Are you asking or confirming? I haven't been able to test on the Launchpad S.