Numark Orbit Remix Decks [C/D]

Description and Instructions

Numark Orbit – Remix Deck Mapping

This mapping requires Traktor Pro 2.6.2 or higher

This mapping will give you basic playback, volume, capture and delete cell control over Traktor Remix Decks C or D. This mapping has full LED feedback for all slot states Loaded/Waiting/Playing/Empty. Enjoy!

1.     Plug in and power on your Numark Orbit.

2.     Open Numark Orbit Editor.

3.     Click Load from the Manage Mappings section.

4.     Browse your computer to locate the Orbit Remix Deck MIDI Preset.json editor file.

5.     Click Send. You should see Mapping Sent Successfully.

6.     Exit or Quit the Numark Orbit Editor.

7.     Open Traktor Pro 2.6.2 Software. 

8.     Click the Preferences or gear icon from the top right menu. 

9.     Select Controller Manager from the list on the left.

10.  Click the Add… > Import from Device Setup.

11.  Browse your computer to locate the Orbit Remix Deck [C].tsi mapping file.

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Comments for v1.0.0
djevrem almost 10 years ago
Hi jwill, i wanna use 4trak + orbit at the same time. Im using your 4trak map. How can i add orbit without any changing? Thank you
besmir over 10 years ago
When i apply the input and output of traktor controller manager it flashes only white and whatever you push it doesnt do anything at all. Please is there anything else you may have forgotten to write?
JWiLL (CTC) over 10 years ago

Hi Besmir! No the steps are complete, and have been tested numerous times before releasing to the public. What version of Traktor are you running?