Numark 4TRAK Pro (4 FX Units)

Description and Instructions

Numark 4TRAK FX Bar (4 FX Units)

This mapping adds the ability to control all 4 FX Units with the FX bar. Also the ability to turn off all 4 FX units from the 4TRAK on each deck. This mapping will only work with the full version of Traktor software.

How it works:

FX Bar

Press Left FX MIX + Mode to switch between FX Unit 1, and 3.
Press Right FX MIX + Mode to switch between FX Unit 2, and 4. 

The Mode button will illuminate when you are in FX Unit 3, or 4. When in single mode you now change the effect by holding FX MIX Button, and turning the FX MIX Knob. A few other improvements have been made, but all other functions remain the same.

Mixer Controls

4 FX Buttons above C, A are now control FX Units 1-4. Depending what layer you are in.
4 FX Buttons above B, D are now control FX Units 1-4. Depending what layer you are in. 

Setup Instructions

  1. Download the mapping above.

  2. Open Traktor Software.

  3. Click the Preferences icon from the top right menu.

  4. Click the Import button from the bottom of the Preferences window.

  5. Select the 4TRAK PRO 4 FX Units File. Repeat this step TWICE to ensure the settings load correctly.

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