Numark 4TRAK Layer FX 3

Description and Instructions

Numark 4TRAK Layer FX 3.0 By JWiLL

*Requires Traktor Pro 2.6 and higher*

How it works 

When in Layer FX mode effect parameters are controlled by platter, and strip search gestures. Platter effects remain on while platter is held and are turned off when platter is released. Touching the platter will override all other effects including echo freeze and strip search effects. Cue juggling will also kill the echo freeze, and strip search effects. All effects can still be manipulated with original FX knobs, and buttons. Platter effects are available on all 4 decks. This mapping requires the full version of Traktor Pro Software.

Differences between 2.0 and 3.0

In version 3 all native Traktor platter mapping has been converted to MIDI. This improved the control and quality of the platter fx. Also allowed for full platter fx on all 4 decks without interrupting the play time or position of the track. All of the standard 4TRAK functions are still there and have been re-mapped through MIDI. The only downside to removing the native mapping is the tightness of the scratching with the platters. Most of you downloading this style of mapping are controllerists and shouldn't be affected by this change.

Layer FX 3.0 Highlights

·       11 Preset Platter FX Combos 

·       Platter LED feedback when in Platter FX Mode **

·       Platter LED feedback of Wet/Dry amounts of each effect **

·       “Delay Freeze” Button 

·       “Beatstrip” Beatmasher 2 on Strip Search 

·       “Gatestrip” Gater on Strip Search 

·       Quick Turntable Stop Button 

·       Secondary Filter Fader for optimized workflow 

·       Full Browser Toggle

·       Deck Zoom with Tempo Fader + Shift 

·       Cues 1-5 kill Beatmash/Gater 2 Strip Search 

·       Show Advanced Panel 

·       BPM Lock 

·       Move Grid Marker with (+, -) 

·       Favorites Selected with FX buttons on all 4 decks

·       Platter Browsing with Scratch button hold

·       Advanced Track Prep

·       Override button

·       Greatly improved fx performance

·       Back button now adds third element to fx layers

Setup Instructions

1.     Download the mapping.

2.     Unzip the file. 

3.     Open Traktor Pro 2 Software. 

4.     Click the Preferences icon from the top right menu. 

5.     Click the Import button from the bottom of the Preferences window. 

6.     Select the JWiLL_4TRAK_Layer_FX_3_0_0.TSI. 

7.     Repeat this step TWICE to ensure the settings load correctly. 

8.     Turn on Layer FX mode by pressing the FX Buttons above desired deck. 

9.     Twist the Assign Knob, to select effect 1-11. Push the encoder to load.

*When no effect is selected the deck acts as normal scratch platter.

10.   Play a track, and touch the platter to engage the FX.


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Comments for v3.1.1
Yoshi over 10 years ago
For all those who've been searching for version 4.3 I finally found the link hidden in the history of DJ JWiLL's facebook page. Here it is! Windows: Mac: For the YouTube video of a Demo of this version and more info on the update check:
Brian over 11 years ago
Hey JHYPHINWILL just wondering if you ever finished the mapping with the Layer FX 3.1.1 and the Flux mode. Thank you for your hard work.
JWiLL (CTC) over 11 years ago

Hi Brian, Thanks for checking up on this. I am nearly finished should have it completed just in time for Christmas :)

Brian over 11 years ago

Hey JHYPHINWILL I was wondering if you finished the blend of this EFX and the flux mode? Thanks

JWiLL (CTC) about 11 years ago

Sorry for the delay. Windows: Mac:

JWiLL (CTC) about 11 years ago

Dario over 10 years ago

Hey. GREAT mappings ! One Question on the 4.1 Version. Is there now a way to switch between gater and beatmasher as in version 3 ? I need flux mode but also use very often the beatmasher :) so both would be perfect. like if you click assign, flux mode is activated AND gater switches to beatmasher. that would be awesome. or maybe its already there and im just blind

Dario over 10 years ago

sry for doppelpost but another thing. my FX LEDs are not working. same as the MASTER LED volume thing :) what could be the reason for that ( only with your mappings )

XRS over 11 years ago
Hey, LOVING the new map, but for some reason the SHIFT + Jog Wheel to scroll through tracks is no longer working. I reimported it and everything else is running fine but that. Any ideas? Plus, wanted to change the Digital Lo Fi slider effect (above the Layer button) to something else I would use more often. Where is that effect in the mapping so I can edit it? Thanks though for everything you do; looking forward to your new mega map!
JWiLL (CTC) over 11 years ago

Hi XRS! Thanks for the kind words! :) Shift+Platter = Seek Position was changed to a Zoom Deck, and Jog Turn for Beatgriding and setting the first grid maker. You can still scan through the track by pressing Shift+Search Strip. The command your looking for is Effect 1 Selector in FX Unit 3 for decks A & C. And Effect 1 Selector in FX Unit 4 for decks B & D. The comment is "Lofi Fader". You will have to change this in each deck mapping. Best of luck with it!

XRS over 11 years ago

No worries. What's weird is my Scratch button is acting like the Shift button (On the map I think you had the SHIFT button as the shift). At any rate, that scroll feature is a God send; makes it a hell of a lot easier to zip through and load songs. Thx for the LoFi advice. You really do kick ass on these maps

Brian over 11 years ago
I just updated my OSX to mountain lion and I had to update my driver for the 4trak. unfortunately now none of the maps I have downloaded from you work. Any ideas?
JWiLL (CTC) over 11 years ago

They have been tested and working on the latest version of MAC OS X 10.8.2. What version of Traktor are you running? You will need atleast 2.6 for this map to work.

Brian over 11 years ago

Im running traktor 2.6. with the numark 2.1.5 usb driver for the 4trak. Some of the buttons work and others don't. for the flux mode map. most of the buttons work and the lights do not.

austin williams over 11 years ago
I have the full version of traktor 2.5 and have used your older mappings, but for some reason every time i import 3.1.1 it says that "this version of traktor does not support this .tsi file, and ideas? Your mappings are SICK btw
austin williams over 11 years ago

Im using a Mac btw do you think you might have uploaded the Windows version on accident? if that even makes a difference

Brian over 11 years ago

I am using a mac as well, and have had no issues importing this map. What you may want to try is going to the settings and under controller manager at the top where it says device you can delete the original maps by selecting each under the device tab and going to edit and delete, then simply go to the add and import and select the file. Not positive if that will work but its worth a try.

JWiLL (CTC) over 11 years ago

Hi Austin, I believe when I updated the mapping I created it in Traktor Pro 2.6 you may need to upgrade your Traktor software in order to import the mapping.