Numark NS6 Platter FX By JWiLL

Description and Instructions

I decided to port over my 4TRAK Platter FX Mapping for the NS6. The effects in this edit are toggled on/off by switching layers. 

How it works
When in Platter FX Mode all effect parameters are controlled by platter gestures. Effects remain on while platter is held and are turned off when platter is released. Effects can still be manipulated with original FX knobs, and buttons.


Platter FX Highlights

  • 7 Preset Platter FX Combos 
  • Platter LED feedback when in Platter FX Mode (Beat Phase Monitor)
  • Platter LED feedback of Wet/Dry amounts of each effect when engaged
  • “Delay Freeze” Button
  • “Quickmash” Beatmash 2 on Touch Strip
  • Quick Turntable Stop Button
  • FX Hold Button
  • Full Browser Toggle
  • Deck Zoom with Tempo Fader + Shift
  • Cues 1-5 kill Beatmash 2 Touch Strip
  • Show Advanced Panel
  • BPM Lock
  • Move Grid Marker with (+, -)

Setup Instructions

  1. Download the mapping above.

  2. Open Traktor Software.

  3. Click the Preferences icon from the top right menu.

  4. Click the Import button from the bottom of the Preferences window.

  5. Select the NS6 Platter FX Mapping TSI File. Repeat this step TWICE to ensure the settings load correctly.

  6. Turn on Platter FX mode by pressing the Layer Button on each deck..

  7. Twist the Key Knob, and Select and effect 1-7.

  8. Play a track, and touch the platter to engage the FX.

  9. Layered FX List

  • Effect 1 – Beatmasher LoFi
  • Effect 2 – Gated Sweep
  • Effect 3 – Gated Reverb Sweep
  • Effect 4 – Filter LFO Delay
  • Effect 5 – Beat Slicer
  • Effect 6 – Gated Pitch Build-up
  • Effect 7 – White Noise Build-up
  • Effect 8-11 – ??? 

Looking for your input for effects 8-11 what are your favorite layered FX?

For more info and full guide check out my 4TRAK mapping.

Add me on Facebook for downloads, updates and other advanced Traktor Pro maps. I also offer custom Traktor mapping services. Follow the link below and shoot me a message with what you’re looking for.


Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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viper9711 over 11 years ago
Great Mapping ;)