Numark 4TRAK Layer FX 2.5 (Traktor Pro 2.5+)

Description and Instructions

Numark 4TRAK Layer FX 2.5 By JWiLL

This mapping uses the Layer button to engage Layer FX Mode. This map is designed for 2 playback decks, and 2 sample decks. Platter effects are available for all 4 decks. This mapping requires the full version of Traktor Pro Software.

How it works 

When in Layer FX mode effect parameters are controlled by platter, and strip search gestures. Platter effects remain on while platter is held and are turned off when platter is released. Touching the platter will override all other effects including echo freeze and strip search effects. Cue juggling will also kill the echo freeze, and strip search effects. All effects can still be manipulated with original FX knobs, and buttons.

Layer FX Highlights

  • 11 Preset Platter FX Combos 
  • Platter LED feedback when in Platter FX Mode **
  • Platter LED feedback of Wet/Dry amounts of each effect **
  • “Delay Freeze” Button 
  • “Beatstrip” Beatmasher 2 on Strip Search 
  • “Gatestrip” Gater on Strip Search 
  • Quick Turntable Stop Button 
  • Secondary Filter Fader for optimized workflow 
  • Full Browser Toggle
  • Deck Zoom with Tempo Fader + Shift 
  • Cues 1-5 kill Beatmash/Gater 2 Strip Search 
  • Show Advanced Panel 
  • BPM Lock 
  • Move Grid Marker with (+, -) 
  • Favorites Selected with FX buttons
  • Platter Browsing with Scratch button hold
  • Advanced Track Prep
Setup Instructions

  1. Download the mapping above.
  2. Unzip the file. 
  3. Open Traktor Pro 2 Software. 
  4. Click the Preferences icon from the top right menu. 
  5. Click the Import button from the bottom of the Preferences window. 
  6. Select the JWiLL_4TRAK_Layer_FX_2_5_2.TSI. 
  7. Repeat this step TWICE to ensure the settings load correctly. 
  8. Turn on Platter FX mode by pressing Layer Button of the deck. 
  9. Twist the Assign Knob, to select effect 1-11. Push the encoder.
  10. Play a track, and touch the platter to engage the FX.

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Comments for v2.5.2
onetidd almost 11 years ago
I'm wondering if is there a way to have a turntable start/stop button on the play/pause button please?
onetidd almost 11 years ago
You must, thèse mapping for,the 4trak are awesome and i sold m'y s4 too lol the sound quality is awesome very better than any controller i tried, only thing i miss is the timecode... the platter answer is very good and the size of the jog aswell... good work dj will, love your work....
JWiLL (CTC) almost 11 years ago

Hey ONETIDD! Thanks for checking out the mapping, and the kind words! I also traded my S4 for the 4TRAK ;)

onetidd almost 11 years ago

;) yeah and i actually sold my f1 to get an orbit.. and i'm going to try your remix decks mapping :)))

djtrippout almost 11 years ago
OMG!?!! That's shit was the out Mr. Golden. Where the hell can I find a 4Trak? I'd sell my S4 in a heartbeat after seeing this mapping.
JWiLL (CTC) almost 11 years ago

Haha! I sold my S4 and picked up a 4TRAK once I heard the difference in sound quality. I love my NI Kontrollers but the 4TRAK brings so much clarity, and the high resolution platters were the kicker for me.

dj speed over 11 years ago
Hi, i'm new to traktor and what i've noticed is that right after i imported the 2.5.2 TSI is that the fx that is supposed to have 11 presets but i noticed that a lot of them are missing and when i checked my effects under the settings i only have like 6 kind of effects like gater, delay, flanger, beatmasher etc. so can anyone help me where i can download the other additional effects that i need for me to be able to use this Layer FX 2.5.2 on my numark 4trak. thanks.
JWiLL (CTC) over 11 years ago

You have a the 4TRAK LE version of the Traktor software. in order to use the mapping above you will need the full version of Traktor Pro.

XRS over 11 years ago
What's the latest to 2.5.2? Loving the mapping, thank you!
JWiLL (CTC) over 11 years ago

- Removed Cue Type Selector Command that was cause sync issues with Deck B. I have a full 3.0 edit that has improved FX and more features. I will upload a soon as I finish the mapping layout. The new 3.0 mapping uses all standard Midi. Which added better performance for platter effects, but scratching is not as tight as I removed the NI mapping for the platters. If you're a scratch DJ 3.0 won't be for you.

XRS over 11 years ago

That's cool. I hardly scratch. More into controllerism. I am having a slight issue though. Using mac I can't get it to work. On my pc everything was great but when I import it to os, it freezes my unit. Random buttons light up, many things don't respond. I have to go through set up wizard to default it all to get unit working again. I import the tsi twice to make sure it takes but same result. Using mac book pro mountain lion, the 4 track, f1 kontrol and midi fighter 3d though even without the f1 & 3d hooked up it does same thing. Any suggestions? Thank you!!!

XRS over 11 years ago

Yes I do use the mac os version of the tsi. Lol just in case. :-D

JWiLL (CTC) over 11 years ago

Sorry just saw this post. Let me check out the mac files.

JWiLL (CTC) over 11 years ago

Hey man so I just tested out the mapping above 2.5.2 on Mac OS 10.6.8 and on the latest Mac OS 10.8.2. I did not have any issues at all using a Macbook Pro with TSP 2.5.1. I used to have issues the with the 4TRAK being recognized within Traktor if I would hot plug with the unit on or software open. Now I always Power on 4TRAK, Plug-in USB, then open Traktor. Using this order of operations I have not had an issues. Since you've been with my project since day one I'll send you my 3.0 mapping before I release it. Send email to

XRS over 11 years ago

Looks good now. I had re did everything from scratch and it's working fluidly now. Thank you for your efforts, and thank you for offering the beta when it's out. I'll shoot you my email today. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!