Numark Orbit Track Prep

Description and Instructions

Numark Orbit Trak Prep Tool By JWiLL

Trackprep Section @ 6:50 in the video above. 

Set your Beatgrids, and Hotcues with Hotcue type button with LED feedback color per type.

This mapping only uses Pad Bank 1 and you can change the prep deck by selecting Device Target in the Device Setup menu. 

  • 8 Hotcues
  • Hotcue Selector (Grid, Hotcue, Load, Fade in, Fade out, and Loop)
  • LED feedback to show Hotcue Type
  • Grid Marker Set/Delete/Move
  • Jog Turn
  • Zoom Waveform
  • Track Browsing/Loading
  • Loop Size, and Beatjump control 
  • Lock BPM
  • Toggle Advanced Panel

And More see button layout for all controls

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Comments for v1.0.0
Dj Wolfy over 9 years ago
Hi uhh i got a question im following everything in the video but i cant get the lights to work its still blank pads Please help
JWiLL (CTC) over 9 years ago

Have you set the Orbit to the "In-Port" and "Out-Port" in the controller manager? Make sure if you are using the Orbit with the wirelessly with the USB dongle that you are not using a USB hub, and are connected directly to the computer.

onetidd over 10 years ago
Hello, There is no way to adapt that mapping with the remix deck??! That way we will have all in once.
JWiLL (CTC) over 10 years ago

Hello ONETIDD, The Remix Deck mapping for the Orbit uses all 4 pages so there is no way to combine the mappings without removing features. Feel free to modify the mappings to fit your DJ workflow.

onetidd over 10 years ago

Oh well i don't use page 4.. lol i think i will use it that way so thanxx