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Numark Orbit Track Prep

Description and Instructions

Numark Orbit Trak Prep Tool By JWiLL

Trackprep Section @ 6:50 in the video above. 

Set your Beatgrids, and Hotcues with Hotcue type button with LED feedback color per type.

This mapping only uses Pad Bank 1 and you can change the prep deck by selecting Device Target in the Device Setup menu. 

  • 8 Hotcues
  • Hotcue Selector (Grid, Hotcue, Load, Fade in, Fade out, and Loop)
  • LED feedback to show Hotcue Type
  • Grid Marker Set/Delete/Move
  • Jog Turn
  • Zoom Waveform
  • Track Browsing/Loading
  • Loop Size, and Beatjump control 
  • Lock BPM
  • Toggle Advanced Panel

And More see button layout for all controls

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Comments for v1.0.0
Dj Wolfy over 8 years ago
Hi uhh i got a question im following everything in the video but i cant get the lights to work its still blank pads Please help
JWiLL (CTC) over 8 years ago

Have you set the Orbit to the "In-Port" and "Out-Port" in the controller manager? Make sure if you are using the Orbit with the wirelessly with the USB dongle that you are not using a USB hub, and are connected directly to the computer.

onetidd over 9 years ago
Hello, There is no way to adapt that mapping with the remix deck??! That way we will have all in once.
JWiLL (CTC) over 9 years ago

Hello ONETIDD, The Remix Deck mapping for the Orbit uses all 4 pages so there is no way to combine the mappings without removing features. Feel free to modify the mappings to fit your DJ workflow.

onetidd over 9 years ago

Oh well i don't use page 4.. lol i think i will use it that way so thanxx