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2019 AKAI AMX v1.0.1 - All-In-One Mapping - DJ Estrela July 2019

Description and Instructions

2019 AKAI AMX v1.0.1 - All-In-One Mapping - DJ Estrela March 2019


HOW TO DOWNLOAD: you can ONLY download the mapping if you register and verify your email in the DJTT site!


·         DVS TP3

·         10x shift layers

·         Full Transport controls

·         Full Tempo controls

·         6x Cues

·         4x Decks

·         Loops

·         BeatJump

·         Preview player


·         5x MixerFX

·         7x MacroFX

·         1x Resonant Filter

·         10x PadFX

·         4x BeatMasher

·         3x UserFX

·         Slip Reverse

·         3x Sampler

·         Key Adjust

·         Filter Roll



·         Download Link: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/9323

·         Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzAgENM55DE



·         Quick overview: 43x slides

·         Installation guide: 6x slides

·         Detailed manual: 26x pages

·         Demo Videos: between 5..30 minutes



·         This is a 2019 mapping for the Akai AMX. This is by far the cheapest and smallest way to unlock both DVS and almost all Traktor Pro 3 functions. In a single device you have the equivalent of a Z1+X1+TwisterFighter, at least.

·         It is also the most complete by far. It supports 10x layers, 4 decks, full transport and tempo control, TP3 MixerFX, MacroFX, Cues, Loops, beatjump,  Rolls, Slip reverse, Sampler, Key adjust, and a Preview Player.

·         If you have ANY problems please raise it in the comments section. Do not disrespect the ridiculous time people spend building complex mappings by pressing a thumb down without leaving any steps to reproduce the issue.

·         All my mappings are a free gift to the community, to enable DJs to use their preferred Software with their preferred. If you want further appreciation, PayPal donations are welcome (pedro.estrela@gmail.com

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.1
JA 18 days ago
Hi DJ Strela. First of all, thank you for this hard work and share it with the community. To be honest, I haven't downloaded this mapping yet. The reasons are as follows: 1) I share with a user the opinion of the enormous amount of functionality that has been obtained from this simple controller. What in principle stuns and scares, both for understanding and for not making a mistake by mistakenly combining the buttons. Perhaps, due to this lack of knowledge, the following question arises: would It not be easier instead of 5 operating modes based on multiple key combinations, to be able to switch these 5 modes (always having reference to which page / operating mode we are in -every dj have a different perfil, i think, not all would use all category/functions- ), well, because it is done through 5 buttons or combination of buttons, or by LEDs, and that the rest of the buttons of the controller have different function on each page (but without more combinations, a single press of said button)? I don´t know if i have been explain well. Sorry about my poor english. 2) And finally, because of my operation dj style, i usually make use of BeatJump, but I can't find in the manual, how to change the jump range for the BeatJump. Could you please tell me, or include it in the manual more explicitly? Thank you. A cordial greeting.
pedro 18 days ago

I invite you to try the mapping, then you will see that the layers are very logical and muscle memory comes really easily. Its crucial to understand that __all__ non obvious functions always start with the left deck shift pressed, and are applied to the left deck. Same story for the right deck - it has its right deck dedicated shift. As such what you ask is in page 7 and 8 of the quick manual: 1) while pressing left shift; turn browse to beatjump; turn volume to chnage loop and jump size; Similarly: press load to turn loop on/off; regular buttons for cues Does this make sense now? https://github.com/pestrela/music_scripts/blob/master/traktor/mapping_akai_amx/AMX%20TP3_TP2%20-%20Quick%20overview.pdf

pedro 18 days ago

Besides these shortcuts, press panel to access macroFX mode (statically, in the way you described); and shift+panel to access padFx mode

Nelson 3 months ago
I'm a bit overwhelmed with this mapping. There's like 4 different .tsi files, on top of that, I use other controllers. All my other controllers just use one (sometimes two) .tsi maps, but this is about 4. Do we need to enable all four maps in the zip files, in order to get the AMX to work?
pedro 3 months ago

There is a __single TSI file__ on the root folder that must be imported. There is a second TSI on the support/source folder that is for development only. There are no other TSIs. Regarding the single TSI: it has some 6 sub-pages because traktor limits each sub page to only 8 variables. And i need a lot more than 8 variables for supporting so much functionality. Do you have more questions?

pedro 4 months ago
V1.0.1 update - July 2019: - New feature: reverse crossfader (SH1+CF=No CF; SH2+CF=Normal CF; SH3+CF=Rev CF) - Fixed beatjump bug (SH2+BRW) - Fixed Beatmasher combo for right deck (SH1+PN; LD2+SY2+CU2...)
dj_Duff 3 months ago

Pedro, excellent! Now the best mapping got even better :) Thanks for reverse crossfader option!