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Akai AMX All-In-One Traktor Mapping (DJ Estrela July 2019 Edit)

Description and Instructions

2019 AKAI AMX v1.0.1 - All-In-One Mapping - DJ Estrela March 2019
IMPORTANT: To start the mapping, press the MAIN SHIFT button when all lights are “on”.

you can ONLY download the mapping if you register and verify your email in the DJTT site!

·         DVS TP3
·         10x shift layers
·         Full Transport controls
·         Full Tempo controls
·         6x Cues
·         4x Decks
·         Loops
·         BeatJump
·         Preview player
·         5x MixerFX
·         7x MacroFX
·         1x Resonant Filter
·         10x PadFX
·         4x BeatMasher
·         3x UserFX
·         Slip Reverse
·         3x Sampler
·         Key Adjust
·         Filter Roll
·         Download Link: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/9323
·         Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzAgENM55DE
·         Documentation:  https://github.com/pestrela/music_scripts/tree/master/traktor/mapping_akai_amx
·         Quick overview: 43x slides
·         Installation guide: 6x slides
·         Detailed manual: 26x pages
·         Demo Videos: between 5..30 minutes
·         This is a 2019 mapping for the Akai AMX. This is by far the cheapest and smallest way to unlock both DVS and almost all Traktor Pro 3 functions. In a single device you have the equivalent of a Z1+X1+TwisterFighter, at least.
·         It is also the most complete by far. It supports 10x layers, 4 decks, full transport and tempo control, TP3 MixerFX, MacroFX, Cues, Loops, beatjump,  Rolls, Slip reverse, Sampler, Key adjust, and a Preview Player.
·         If you have ANY problems please raise it in the comments section. Do not disrespect the ridiculous time people spend building complex mappings by pressing a thumb down without leaving any steps to reproduce the issue.

·         All my mappings are a free gift to the community, to enable DJs to use their preferred Software with their preferred. If you want further appreciation, PayPal donations are welcome (pedro.estrela@gmail.com

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.1
Jables 3 months ago
Hi! This looks great, however (like Tourn'vins below) I am not having any luck with Traktor Pro 3. Only the crossfader appears to be mapped, as they discovered also. I have another AMX mapping in place, but you really seem to have put a lot of work into this and I'd love to give it a spin down the line once fixed. Thx + good luck.
dj_estrela about 1 month ago

please confirm that "To start the mapping, press the MAIN SHIFT button when all lights are “on”. "

dj_estrela about 1 month ago

also I do not get notiications from this site. Really annoying. Send me an email if you need more help.

Tourn’Vins 4 months ago
I have imported twice have clicked on "amx" for in and out port of each layer...but nothing is working ??? (except crossfader, master vol and phone vol)
dj_estrela about 1 month ago

please confirm that "To start the mapping, press the MAIN SHIFT button when all lights are “on”. "

Tourn’Vins 4 months ago
Hi Dj Estrella, thank a lot for the great work you done ! But...i have imported the mapping with controller manager, and it seems ONLY the crossfader is assigned ? Nothing else operate when i push buttons or move faders ? Do you have an idea of what is getting wrong please ? Thanks a lot !
Tourn’Vins 4 months ago

Well, "phones cue gain" and "master volume" are also operate

Renato 11 months ago
Olá Pedro, Já tinha o meu Akai Amx a fincionar no traktor mas agora encontrei um AFX usado e procuro um mapping para o Traktor 3.0, Conheces algum funcione decentemente? Parabens pelo teu trabalho. Renato
dj_estrela 11 months ago

Ola renato, não tenho o AFX. E’ sem duvida interessante, mas a enorme vantagem (para mim) e’ levar um unico equipamento para todo o lado, em vez de dois...

JA over 1 year ago
Hi DJ Strela. First of all, thank you for this hard work and share it with the community. To be honest, I haven't downloaded this mapping yet. The reasons are as follows: 1) I share with a user the opinion of the enormous amount of functionality that has been obtained from this simple controller. What in principle stuns and scares, both for understanding and for not making a mistake by mistakenly combining the buttons. Perhaps, due to this lack of knowledge, the following question arises: would It not be easier instead of 5 operating modes based on multiple key combinations, to be able to switch these 5 modes (always having reference to which page / operating mode we are in -every dj have a different perfil, i think, not all would use all category/functions- ), well, because it is done through 5 buttons or combination of buttons, or by LEDs, and that the rest of the buttons of the controller have different function on each page (but without more combinations, a single press of said button)? I don´t know if i have been explain well. Sorry about my poor english. 2) And finally, because of my operation dj style, i usually make use of BeatJump, but I can't find in the manual, how to change the jump range for the BeatJump. Could you please tell me, or include it in the manual more explicitly? Thank you. A cordial greeting.
dj_estrela over 1 year ago

I invite you to try the mapping, then you will see that the layers are very logical and muscle memory comes really easily. Its crucial to understand that __all__ non obvious functions always start with the left deck shift pressed, and are applied to the left deck. Same story for the right deck - it has its right deck dedicated shift. As such what you ask is in page 7 and 8 of the quick manual: 1) while pressing left shift; turn browse to beatjump; turn volume to chnage loop and jump size; Similarly: press load to turn loop on/off; regular buttons for cues Does this make sense now? https://github.com/pestrela/music_scripts/blob/master/traktor/mapping_akai_amx/AMX%20TP3_TP2%20-%20Quick%20overview.pdf

dj_estrela over 1 year ago

Besides these shortcuts, press panel to access macroFX mode (statically, in the way you described); and shift+panel to access padFx mode

JA over 1 year ago

Hello Pedro, Thanks for answering. This past weekend, on the occasion of friends party, I dared and could test your mapping with turntables and timecodes. I wanted to tell you, first of all, that it is true that it is intuitive and, not so difficult, for the optimization of functions that it is. Even so, I wanted to tell you that I had the following incidents: 1) When to load the track, by mistake several times, I pressed SHIFT + SEARCH2, I found it very difficult to exit beatgrid editing mode, I didn't know exactly what LOAD (1 or 2) to press and in what order together with SEARCH2 AND SHIFT. 2) On the other hand, the crossfader is not defined either, each time the default controller is started (as usual) decks 1 and 3 left and decks 2 and 4 right. All listen together through prelisten. 3) As soon as you start mapping, the effect on deck 2 is activated by default. 4) The preview player, I don't know which button I could press, which was also easily activated with the selected track and heard by the cue. 5) Finally, the most serious thing that happened to me, that I had to restart Traktor, was (I don't know if it is a mapping problem or what button I pressed) that, playing with the effects of deck 2, the mixer controls remained of said deck locked (not responding). By the way, another problem I encounter (which most likely does not have to see with your mapping) is that, windows 10 assigns a different name to the device every time it restart (2-AMX, 3-AMX, 4- AMX...) and I have to be reassigning the midi every time. Traktor 3.2.0 version used. Any clues, suggestions or solutions? Thank you.

dj_estrela over 1 year ago

many thanks for your detailed feedback. Could you please reconfirm if you used latest v1.0.1? I fixed some of these issues that happened in earlier versions. Specifically: 1) Agreed the beatgrid mode is quite confusing right now. I will rewrite this in the next release. For now, to enter and exit please see page 27 of the quickstart pdf; The sign of beatgrid mode is when "deck=0" on the VU leds when you press the main shift. To exit, simplest is to use the "toggle active deck shortcut" (shift_same_side+main_shift+other_load). 2) please see page 24. left_shift + touch crossfader = enable crossfader; shift_main + CF = disable; right_shift + CF = reverse crossfader. 3) I did fix a bug like this on 1.0.1. In any case I could not replicate it anymore now. 4) please see page 14. To start listening, you just press the browser encoder; to seek, turn the encoder while pressing it; to stop previewing, stop pressing. This is REALLY convenient because when you don't press you are selecting the track on the browser. This way its really really quick to preview things. 5) I'm fairly sure this was again the confusing beatgrid mode, as there the mixer knobs are disabled. Again, this will be revamped substantially. 6) about AMX-2, AMX-3 etc: Yes I see this in my windows 10 as well, especially when I connect to a different USB port. The AKAI driver is quite poor how it registers its own devices. Anyway, in v1.0.1 this is not a problem because it ships with configuration "all devices", so it works with any name. This config, however, requires you have no other midi devices around; if you have, then you have to specify the right AMX just as v1.0.0 did. I hope this info is good for you. do not hesitate sending anymore more feedback, no mater how small.

JA over 1 year ago

Hi again Pedro. Thank you very much for your attention and your time. I confirm, indeed, that I have been using version v1.0.1. I remain, then, awaiting the corrections that may be possible. Sincerely, JA.

dj_estrela over 1 year ago

ok. in the short term I'm busy with my ddj-1000 mapping, but I will return to the AMX in some weeks from now.