Loops - Backwards and Reloop

Description and Instructions

Loops Demo - Adjust backwards and Reloop v0.1.0 - DJ Estrela



Backwards loops:

·         Normal loops operate on the beats that are coming; changing the loop size manipulates the OUT point.

·          This mapping does this in reverse; it sets a loop on the music you just heard, and then manipulates the IN point instead.

·         Use cases:

o   extend a track that literally just ended;

o   extend a beat just before a breakdown

o   repeat a build-up several times

·         Note: ensure you are hearing the desired OUT beat (otherwise it can be wrong by 1-beat).


Loop Reloop:

·         CDJs have a feature to going back to a previous loop (AKA "reloop").

·         This can be emulated in traktor using "jump to active loop (quantized)". 

·         This command is only available in CMDR, but it still works. As CMDR doesn't make keyboard mappings, this demo is only on the AMX mapping.

·         more info: https://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=91939 


Keyboard mapping:

·         q: play/pause

·          regular loops:   a: loop-4; s: loop --;      d: loop ++

·          backwards loops: z: loop-8; x: back_loop --; c: back_loop ++


AKAI AMX mapping:

·         encoder:  beatjump / tempo range

·         sync: loop -- / loop ++     (regular = normal; shift = backwards)

·         cue1: set loop / set backwards loop

·         cue2: reloop (always)

·         play = play

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