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2021 XDJ-XZ v6.2.2 - mapping for Traktor Pro - DJ Estrela

Description and Instructions

2021 XDJ-XZ v6.2.2 - mapping for Traktor Pro 3+2 - DJ Estrela
TO DOWNLOAD: you NEED to register and verify your email in the DJTT site to download this mapping.
If it still fails, try later - the site is often in maintenance.
ABOUT BOME: The mapping can now be installed WITH or WITHOUT bome. The BOME version has jog screens and more features.
TO INSTALL WITHOUT BOME: Please install this as a normal Traktor mapping.
TO INSTALL WITH BOME: Please see this VIDEO and this PDF FILE for step-by-step instructions; download a demo trial of BOME here.
·         Download Link: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/10305
·         Documentation: https://github.com/pestrela/music/blob/master/traktor/mapping_xdj_xz/
·         Video demo: https://youtu.be/7EPfY9bGGlw

·         Jog Screens (Needle and Cue marker)
·         7x Jogwheel FX chains
·         5x TP3 MixerFX
·         11x MacroFX
·         21x padFX (“instant gratification”)
·         4x Rolls modes
·         Loops, Loop move
·         Reverse Flux
·         Beatjump controls
·         Track search
·         This a 2020 mapping for the XDJ-XZ. It works on both Traktor 3 and 2. The mapping was based on my previous mapping for the DDJ-SZ/SRT.
·         It is also the most complete by far. It supports TP3 MixerFX, MacroFX, JogFX chains, padFX, Rolls, Slip reverse. Be sure to see the documentation for all the features.
·         Mapping now works both WITH and WITHOUT bome. Without BOME it will miss jog screens and MacroFX/MixerFX.
·         If you have ANY problems please raise it in the comments section. Do not disrespect the ridiculous time people spend building complex mappings by pressing a thumb down without leaving any steps to reproduce the issue.
·         All my mappings are a free gift to the community, to enable DJs to use their preferred Software with their preferred. If you want further appreciation, PayPal  / Patreon donations are welcome (pedro.estrela@gmail.com / https://www.patreon.com/djestrela)
V6.1.3 XDJ-XZ Demo:      https://youtu.be/7EPfY9bGGlw
·         0:14 Hot Cues / Loop Rolls / Remix decks
·         0:37 11x TP2 MacroFX / 5x TP3 MixerFX / 6x Pioneer ColorFX
·         1:29 27x PadFX /
·         2:01 MIDI scratch
·         2:07 7x JogFX

·         <!--[endif]-->2:32 Loops

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v6.2.2
leeway about 1 month ago
Hi, thank You for this, it's working with XDJ-XZ. But can I reduce the latency to scratch with the jogs? Right now I'm at 64 samples and can't go lower, and jogs still has like 50-100ms latency, when audio latency in Traktor is something like 3ms.
nakito 3 months ago
podrias subir el pdf de nuevo.. necesito las instrucciones para ver como funciona todo Gracias
Jake Jay-Lewin 6 months ago
I have installed and most things work correctly. Only issue, and it's a biggie, is that the loop/in loop/out buttons don't work, neither does the "change loop length" button. I have watched the video and it looks like it should just work, but it doesn't. The roll-loop hotkeys down the bottom do, just not the manual proper loop options at the top.
Joel Pujol 5 months ago

The loop in/out buttons works for me, last firmware, last traktor pro 3 update, the no BOME way. The only thing is that the buttons for the loop 1/2 and 2x works reversed. :D But MORE THAN HAPPY that it works all together . Thanks DJ Estrela!

dj_estrela 3 months ago

that is almost a trivial chage with CMDR. I dont havethe unit to test it.

Shlomi Shanti 10 months ago
i tried everything in the instructions with bome and it doesn't work on the XDJ XZ the faders don't move on the software and both decks play on channel one. Hep would be appreciated. also i cannot change the view to parallel
dj_estrela 9 months ago

you need to change the output settings from internal mode to external mode.

Shlomi Shanti 9 months ago

Hey Estrela Thanks for the Reply. I will try again with what you said. if there are any issues ill keep u posted.

Shlomi Shanti 8 months ago

Hey managed to get it to work. I just imported your Controller Mapping with my layout. Worked like a charm I only wish waveforms would show. Any how thanks so much. Now its all about getting familiar with the mapping. once again thanks

dj_estrela 3 months ago

waveforms will never happen. this is midi mapping only

leeway about 1 year ago
I'm sorry but it's now working with Traktor 3 and XDJ-RX2 :(
dj_estrela 9 months ago

it is compatible, but not optimized