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2019 DDJ-1000 v6.6.0 - BOME mapping for Traktor Pro 3 and 2 WITH JOG SCREENS - DJ Estrela

Description and Instructions

2019 DDJ-1000 v6.6.0 - BOME mapping for Traktor Pro 3+2 with Screens - DJ Estrela

TO DOWNLOAD: you can ONLY download if you register and verify your email in the DJTT site!
If it still fails, try again later (the site is often in maintenance).
ABOUT BOME: BOME can be tested for free. If you don’t want jog screen then download version v6.3.3 instead.

·         Download Link: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/9279
·         Video demo:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmO9673pHo0&
·         Installation guide: http://shorturl.at/koIW7
·         Frequent questions: http://shorturl.at/ARWXZ
·         Jog Screens
·         7x Jogwheel FX chains
·         5x MixerFX
·         11x MacroFX
·         21x padFX (“instant gratification”)
·         3x tone play modes (“keyboard mode”)
·         8x Rolls
·         Slicer
·         Dedicated preview player
·         Manual adjust of Loops (via jogs)
·         Beatjump and Loops pages
·         Reverse Flux / Vinyl Stop
·         End of track warning blinks / other CDJ emulation features
·         All functions reachable without shifts

·         DDJ-1000: As good as it gets. This is where the mapping was developed.
·         DDJ-800: Pretty good, but not perfect. The screens do work yet.  The zip has a dedicated TSI for the 800.
·         DDJ-1000SRT: see https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/9222
·         Traktor Pro 2: This mapping works perfectly in both Traktor Pro 3 and Traktor Pro 2.
·         This is the only mapping for the DDJ-1000 that supports Jog Screens. It works on both Traktor 3 and 2. It requires the 3rd-party BOME Pro MIDI translator. Free trial versions are available to test everything.
·         It is also the most complete by far. It supports TP3 MixerFX, MacroFX, JogFX chains, padFX, Keyboard mode, Rolls, and a Preview Player. Latest features are CDJ-emulation, Loops adjust and Beatjump shortcuts.
·         All pad modes are reachable with only two clicks without any shifts. Pressing the “mode” button will conveniently cycle the top-2 pages of that mode.
·         Issues? First, read the extensive documentation; then do not hesitate reporting ANY problems. Do NOT just press thumbs down without any steps to reproduce your issue. Thank you.

·         All my mappings are a free gift to the community, to enable DJs to use their preferred Software with their preferred. If you want further appreciation, PayPal  / Patreon donations are welcome (pedro.estrela@gmail.com / https://www.patreon.com/djestrela

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v6.6.0
sean 15 days ago
Hi, Does anyone have the midi map or xml to enable split cue?
Antonio 18 days ago
Hey, I wanted to try this out on ddj800, and when I installed the tsi file for it, it imported 5 mappings, none of which says ddj800 on it. There are: DDJSZ-1 #JOG DDJSZ-2 #PAD DDJSZ-3 #SLICER DDJSZ-4 #MACRO _MFX SELECT TP3 Which one should I select?
pedro 18 days ago

set all of them to DDJ-800. Also, be sure to use the specific file "DDJ-800 v6.3.3 TP3 - Customized version.tsi". When I tested the jog screens did not worked; I reported this to Pioneer, maybe now they have an updated firmware. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLUQkm-2KX0

Antonio 13 days ago

Pio has not released any new firmware yet. I did play a little with your mapping, and as you said - screens dont work. Also, sound effects do work when you press them, but the leds just flicker. They flicker all the time and dont turn on when pressed. The effect does work, but the leds dont.

Yann 19 days ago
Hi Pedro, ....and many thanks for your works. Is it possible to use this mapping in External mixing mode, for use DDJ 1000's fader, EQ and effects ? Thanks a lot for your anser
pedro 19 days ago

yes, but only with an external sound card . See FAQ 32 and 35 https://github.com/pestrela/music_scripts/blob/master/traktor/mapping_ddj_1000/Installation%20Help/DDJ-1000%20-%20Frequently%20Asked%20Questions.pdf

pedro 19 days ago

1000SRT works in external mode, but lacks jog screens by a decision of the serato company

Yann 19 days ago

Ok Thanks !

maximiliano 19 days ago
Hi, my traktor is a vers. 2.6.2, not working driver audio. Please do you know what to do?
pedro 19 days ago

this is too little information to advise. Does rekordbox works properly in performance mode? follow the steps in https://github.com/pestrela/music_scripts/blob/master/traktor/mapping_ddj_1000/Installation%20Help/DDJ-1000%20-%20Installation%20Guide.pdf

pedro 24 days ago
currently working on v6.7. Already coded is detect physical faders at startup; automatic enlarge/narrow tempo range; blink bug fixes; double tap "memory" to toggle time elasped/remain; parallel waveforms layout. Todo: resonant filter, pattern recorder; HC-4500 perfect time elasped and %BPM.