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2019 DDJ-1000 v6.6.0 - BOME mapping for Traktor Pro 3 and 2 WITH JOG SCREENS - DJ Estrela

Description and Instructions

2019 DDJ-1000 v6.6.0 - BOME mapping for Traktor Pro 3+2 with Screens - DJ Estrela

TO DOWNLOAD: you NEED to register and verify your email in the DJTT site to download this mapping.
If it still fails, try later -
the site is often in maintenance.
TO INSTALL: Please see this VIDEO and this PDF FILE for step-by-step instructions.
ABOUT BOME: Since v6.3.3 all mappings now require BOME; download a trial here.

·         Download Link: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/9279
·         Video demo:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmO9673pHo0&
·         Installation guide: http://shorturl.at/koIW7
·         Frequent questions: http://shorturl.at/ARWXZ
·         Jog Screens
·         7x Jogwheel FX chains
·         5x MixerFX
·         11x MacroFX
·         21x padFX (“instant gratification”)
·         3x tone play modes (“keyboard mode”)
·         8x Rolls
·         Slicer
·         Dedicated preview player
·         Manual adjust of Loops (via jogs)
·         Beatjump and Loops pages
·         Reverse Flux / Vinyl Stop
·         End of track warning blinks / other CDJ emulation features
·         All functions reachable without shifts

·         DDJ-1000: As good as it gets. This is where the mapping was developed.
·         DDJ-800: Pretty good, but not perfect. The screens do work yet.  The zip has a dedicated TSI for the 800.
·         DDJ-1000SRT: see https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/9222
·         Traktor Pro 2: This mapping works perfectly in both Traktor Pro 3 and Traktor Pro 2.
·         This is the only mapping for the DDJ-1000 that supports Jog Screens. It works on both Traktor 3 and 2. It requires the 3rd-party BOME Pro MIDI translator. Free trial versions are available to test everything.
·         It is also the most complete by far. It supports TP3 MixerFX, MacroFX, JogFX chains, padFX, Keyboard mode, Rolls, and a Preview Player. Latest features are CDJ-emulation, Loops adjust and Beatjump shortcuts.
·         All pad modes are reachable with only two clicks without any shifts. Pressing the “mode” button will conveniently cycle the top-2 pages of that mode.
·         Issues? First, read the extensive documentation; then do not hesitate reporting ANY problems. Do NOT just press thumbs down without any steps to reproduce your issue. Thank you.

·         All my mappings are a free gift to the community, to enable DJs to use their preferred Software with their preferred. If you want further appreciation, PayPal  / Patreon donations are welcome (pedro.estrela@gmail.com / https://www.patreon.com/djestrela


Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v6.6.0
Mike SkillZ 5 days ago
Have you fixed the ability to scratch with the jogs? Also, do the jogs work as a real cdj? the touch stop, brake, start/stop??? These would be a huge deal breaker for me. On a side note, thank you for putting so much work for this map!! Your work does not go unnoticed !!
dj_estrela 5 days ago

Sorry, not clear your question. Scratching in MIDI was always possible since the days Pioneer sold traktor controllers (ddj-sz/sx2/etc.). The discussion is only the quality and latency of the MIDI scratching. I’ve made a blog post about this. Same for jog touch - it’s always been there. What was missing was TTFX on pause. I already have this working and will release on the next version 6.8.0 https://github.com/pestrela/music/blob/master/traktor/README.md#But-can-i-still-scratch-using-MIDI-How-much-is-the-latency-of-your-maps

dj_estrela 2 months ago
IMPORTANT: to install BOME on macos you NEED to disable a minor security setting as explained in page 40 of the BOME manual: "On macOS 10.9 and later, you need to enable MIDI Translator Pro in System Preferences, Security & Privacy Privacy → → Accessibility. For macOS earlier than 10.9, go to System Preferences, Universal Access: check 'access for assistive devices'."
dj_estrela about 1 month ago

Also on macOS you need to change the output routing to 2/3/0/1 channels. In windows the default works fine (3/4/2/1)

IsaacLatu 2 months ago
Hi, i have downloaded the mapping. But it´s not possible to pre listen the other track with the monitor cue button ? Or am i doing something wrong ? Please help me out. Grts
dj_estrela 2 months ago

please see FAQ 35: https://github.com/pestrela/music_scripts/blob/master/traktor/mapping_ddj_1000/Installation%20Help/DDJ-1000%20-%20Frequently%20Asked%20Questions.pdf

dj_estrela 2 months ago
This is the changeLog so far for the next version: - TurnTable FX: added TTFX sound to play/pause, on both regular and Flux mode situations - Tempo auto-range: moving the tempo fader enlarges and contracts the tempo range as required - Tempo blink: when physical tempo fader doesn't match the real one ("soft takeover"), the value blinks as a warning - Now added Gestures: - Memory button: Double tap: toggle time-elasped/time-remain; Long press: preview total time - Deck select: Double tap: toggle parallel/classic views; Shift+tap: disable layout changes - Faders initialization: The mapping now queries the initial positions at startup ("pc app connect" undocumented feature) - MFX changes: It is now possible to swap the MFXs already at wanted values - Jog Ring: now blinks to warn special situations (Flux mode, Reverse, jogFX) - Beatjump buttons: Swapped main and shift functions to match DDJ-1000SRT - Bugfixes: Several bugfixes on CDJ blink, parallel waveforms
sean 3 months ago
Hi, Does anyone have the midi map or xml to enable split cue?