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2019 DDJ-1000 v6.5.3 - BOME mapping for Traktor Pro 3 and 2 WITH JOG SCREENS - DJ Estrela

Description and Instructions

2019 DDJ-1000 v6.5.3 - BOME mapping for Traktor Pro 3 and 2 with jog Screens - DJ Estrela


HOW TO DOWNLOAD: you can ONLY download the mapping if you register and verify your email in the DJTT site!


Main Links:

·         Download Link: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/9279

·         Images: https://www.facebook.com/pedro.vale.estrela/media_set?set=a.2244380098947850

·         Technical discussion: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=96024

·         Demo (updates): https://youtu.be/h9tQZEHr8hk

·         Demo (base): https://youtu.be/EkSJ9Ug9Zuk


Summary (Jog screens BOME mapping):

·         This is the first mapping for the DDJ-1000 for TP3/TP2 supporting Jog Screens. This requires BOME Pro MIDI translator. It works on both Traktor 3 and 2. Free trial versions are available to test everything.

·         This mapping is more complex than previous ones. Be sure to read the FAQ below. Folder “installation help” has a PDF on the installation and correct startup steps for BOME.

·         If you have ANY problem please report it in the comments section. Don't disrespect the ridiculous time that people spend to make complex mappings by just pressing a thumb down without leaving any steps to reproduce the issue. Thank you.

·         All my mappings are - and always will be - a free gift to the community. Some years ago, DJs could use any Software with any Hardware; this mapping makes a small contribution for this model. If you want to show further appreciation, PayPal donations are welcome (pedro.estrela@gmail.com)


v6.5.0 DEMO Jog Screens using BOME:    

·         0:35 Needle position, BPM, Tempo percentage, Time elapsed/Remain, Key Variation

·         1:45 Loop/Beatjump sizes are displayed on the main display

·         2:25 Shift layers shows Base BPM, Tempo range, Loop sizes and Beatjump Sizes

·         4:00 Scratching quality was improved; shift+vinyl disables scratching

·         4:47 shift+quantize resets the jog screens


·         6:04 Quick demo of the previous features: JogFX, Rolls, PadFx, MixerFX, MacroFx

·         8:08 Pioneer BeatFX are in MST channel; TK effects are in channel 1..4



·         Q#1: How do I install this mapping?
A#1: You need to install two different files that talk to each other. One for BOME, another for Traktor.
To do this, please follow the pdf on the installation help folder.
The most common error is manually configuring Traktor with “all devices” or “DDJ-1000”. Do not do this. Instead, configure it with “BMT1”.

·         Q#2: What is the minimum setup to TRY THIS MAPPING FOR FREE?
Please download the demo versions of Traktor Pro 3.2 (download) and BOME Pro 1.8.3 (download). Everything will work perfectly for some 30 minutes. At that time, just restart both softwares.

·         Q#3: When the BOME Demo stops, does the audio stop as well?
NO. BOME is a “man-in-the-middle” only for the controls and screens (MIDI path). The audio path is direct.
As such, when BOME stops, you just need to restart it. If you need to mix something, please use your mouse while BOME restarts.

·         Q#4: Does this work on TP2? Does this work on a Mac?
I’ve tested TP2 and everything works fine (it will obviously miss the latest features: mixerFX and Reverse Flux).
Regarding Mac: I cannot test it as I’m on Windows 10, but I’m 100% sure this works. It just needs minor adaptations on the MIDI and audio devices.

·         Q#5: Are Waveforms, Artwork and Cue scope supported?
A#5: MIDI mapping screens do not have these features; it only displays numbers. This is exactly the same as DJayPro (demo), and it is similar to the DDJ-1000SRT screens in Serato (demo).
To do waveforms and pictures it would be required to reverse-engineered HID mode, which is what only VirtualDJ did (demo).

·         Q#6: What do Traktor does better than Rekordbox? AKA “why did you made all this work”?
As of 2019, all DJ softwares operate basically the same for basic DJing. The difference is on the advanced features. Personally I use Traktor for the #1) the JogFX chains on the jogwheel (requires advanced MDI mapping), #2) the ability to organize files only by OS folders without a single DJ playlist (requires mass relocate of renamed files), #3) hot cues move the temporary cue as well  and #4) having a search box on the explorer node (to see directly your OS folders).

·         Q#7: Can I use this with other Traktor mappings? With other DDJ-1000 customizations?
YES. Just add the pages in the controller manager as normal. If its DDJ-1000 changes, point them to BMT1 as well.

·         Q#10: The BPM and Percentage values are very close, but not exactly the same, of what it displayed on the laptop screen.

A#10: Reason: Traktor lacks high-resolution MIDI out messages. Even so, a trick was already implemented to improve accuracy 10x times (compared to a naive mapping).

·         Q#11: The time elapsed/remain is approximate to what is displayed on the laptop screen. Ans/Or, the seconds advances either too fast or too slow.

A#11: Reason: Traktor doesn't send the absolute minutes:seconds positon, only the relative percentage position instead. The mapping guesses the total track length using an internal clock. Press shift+quantize (="Wake up") while the track is playing to reset the measurement process.

·         Q#12: Needle position sometimes jumps around after scratching.

A#12: Traktor lacks a "jog turn out message", so this is emulated in BOME. Please join the DJTT discussion to improve this in the next version.

·         Q#13: Needle using Slip mode, Reverse, Reverse Slip features is not optimal.

A#13: The needle for these features will be implemented on the next version. 

·         Q#14: Only decks 1 and 2 have Jog screens. Deck 3 and 4 have no screens!

A#14: This is quite easy to fix, but is laborious. When users report that the mapping is good for decks 1 and 2, this will be ported to 3 and 4 as well

·         Q#15: Key adjust is displayed correctly (-12..+12), but the key value is always "C".

A#15: Traktor does not have any command to output the absolute key value. Even if that would be the case, Pioneer would display that in non-Camelot codes.

·         Q#16: Small loops (1/2, 1/4, etc) are displayed as "zero".

A#16: Loops and jump sizes are displayed on the minutes/seconds digits; this cannot represent fractions smaller than one.

·         Q#17: How can I extend the BOME-side mapping?
A#17: Please see the technical notes and discussion on this post: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=96024&p=771082&viewfull=1#post771082

·         Q#18: I don’t want spend 60eur for BOME, and I don’t want to restart it every 30m. Can I still benefit from this mapping?

A#18: If you don't care about jog screens, then only in this case manually change the device from BMT1 to DDJ-1000 (both IN and OUT ports) in every mapping page in the controller manager.




Summary (main mapping):

·         This is the first mapping for the DDJ-1000 for TP3/TP2 with MixerFX, MacroFX, JogFX chains, padFX, Keyboard mode, Rolls, and a Preview Player.

·         All the most important modes are reachable with only two clicks without any shifts. Pressing the “mode” button will conveniently cycle the top-2 pages of that mode.

·         The jogs scratching and VU meters were optimized to be as tight as possible.



·         Traktor Version: This mapping is the same for both Traktor Pro 3 and Traktor Pro 2; the older Traktor version lacks the MixerFX and SlipReverse features.

·         DDJ-800/400: Large parts of this mapping will work on the DDJ-800 and the DDJ-400, but the situation is not ideal. This is because I don’t own these controllers and I only tested them in a shop. Please see the “technical info” inside the support folder for more info.

·         DDJ-1000SRT:  not compatible. Look at my SX2/SZ mapping instead. https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/9222


Main Mapping FAQ:

a)      Beat FX manual selector: the pioneer built-in effects - the ones on the lower right corner of the mixer - are only applied to Traktor music on the Master channel. For per-channel selection, they are replaced by Traktor internal effects. Only the external line-in inputs (eg Turntables, CDJs, Audio6) will have pioneer effects per-channel.

As such, an effort was made to match the effects style where possible. In some cases these effects are not available at all in Traktor (example: Mobius / EnigmaJet). In those cases, the only way is to use the Master channel.

More info: see 21:20 of the main support video.

b)      Dual USB usage: In Rekordbox there are extra provisions to the channels to be fully independent. This is NOT the case in MIDI mode (eg, 2x Traktor, or 1x Traktor and 1x DJayPro, etc). This means that users must be carefull to use ONLY their assigned channels, otherwise you will affect your friend’s channels. With this care, its perfectly doable to do back-tobacks.
More info: see 23:50 of the main support video.

c)       Sync button: as of v6.3.2 this is now ON/OFF toggle again. A future release will support optional phase sync as well (useful for OLD, poorly beatgrided music)


v6.3.3 Update description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QKGQ_JUNXo

·         0:15 JogRing now shows the active deck; Blinks in jogfx mode

·         1:25 Backspins are now possible

·         1:35 Sync is now "toggle"

·         1:50 Fixes to cue monitor


·         3:00 Putting the screens to work

·         3:50 Files on the archive (including installation help)

·         4:50 USER REQUEST: traktor effects list suggestions


v6.3.0 Features / Demo:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkSJ9Ug9Zuk  

·         0:30 5-minute overview of the most important features (Jogfx, MixerFx, Loops, Shift2, PreviewPlayer, ...)

·         5:50 The most-used pad modes are now accessible without any shifts (padFX, MacroFx, JogFX). Pressing "mode" twice cycles 2x top pages; pressing "left" cycles all 4x pages

·         8:40 Only the secondary pad modes now requires shift (keyboard, slicer, remix decks)

·         9:15 Memory button = second shift button

·         10:10 Vinyl long stop / vinyl break

·         10:30 Browser: preview player / browser / waveform zoom

·         11:50 Loops / BeatJump

·         15:00 How to correct loops by +1 beat

·         15:40 Beatgrid slide / adjust / lock analysis

·         17:30 TP3 mixer FX: flanger / time gater / crush / noise

·         18:41 How to change mixerfx list in preferences


·         19:30 MacroFX page1: wormhole, polarwind, flighttest, laserslicer

·         20:30 BeatFX shortcuts: T3 delay / flanger / reverb

·         20:51 MacroFX page2 (seven more macroFX)

·         21:20 Manual FX (non-automated). Use MST for pioneer effects!

·         23:00 Mobius FXs (=forever rising)

·         23:50 CAUTION: beware that USB selector does NOT stop USB mixer

·         24:35 JogFX in detail (combo of 3x FX on the jogwheels)

·         26:40 MacroFX in detail

·         27:20 PadFX in detail: quantized roll / Non-quantize roll / 3x padFX pages

·         29:30 Keyboard mode

·         30:30 Slicer mode

·         31:30 Slip reverse / reverse

·         31:40 2-deck and 4-deck automatic layout


Installation Instructions:

·         Please use the big "import" button on the lower left corner of the settings



·         The “support folder” now includes the old official Pioneer installation PDF for the DDJ-SX2. The manual installation steps are the same for the DDJ-1000.

·         Tutorial on how to import midi mappings in Traktor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Jw8VyzPrlQ&t=2s



Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v6.5.3
Gabriel about 2 hours ago
Hey there, thank you for that awsome mapping! I have one Thing you could proably fix: The mixer FX are only selectable for Channel 1 and 2. I tried to fix it myself, but i couldnt. if you could fix that the Mapping would be perfect. I will definty give you a Donation for that awsome work!
pedro about 1 hour ago

I will check this ASAP. Everything except the jog screens is supposed to work for 4x decks. Thanks for such donation!

pedro 1 day ago
I've now found the first article where Ean Golden invented the jogFX technique: https://djtechtools.com/2008/06/20/re-use-your-jog-wheel-4-fx/