Traktor Transitions-aligned BeatJumps v0.3.0 - DJ Estrela

Description and Instructions

Traktor Transitions-aligned BeatJumps v0.3.0 - DJ Estrela


·         Use this mapping to prepare transitions-aligned beatjumps. This mapping lets you beatjump on both deck A and B simultaneously, so that you can put CUEs to align them

·         Row “one” of your keyboard beatjumps deck A; row “two” beatjumps deck B; row “three” beatjumps both decks simultaneously. Row “zero” controls the crossfader as well.

·         EXAMPLE: please the transition around 52m of this mix.Song “A” is singing when “B” starts entering at 52m07s. For 30s, song “A” is singing normally. When “A” stops singing at 52m41s, “B” starts singing exactly at that time. This mapping helps a lot these fun transitions.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

·         Deck A: find location where song stops singing. Put cue A6 there. Stop track

·         Deck B: find location where song starts singing. Put cue B2 there. Stop track

·         Deck A&B: beatjump 64 beat to the left on both decks. Put cue A5 and B1 there


·         When playing, you just release cue B1 when deck A reaches A5. This way cues A6 and B2 will be aligned.

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