Bome - change Traktor MixerFX

Description and Instructions

BOME - Change traktor mixerFX - DJ Estrela



9x MixerFX:

·         This BOME mapping accesses all 9x mixerFX by sending mouse clicks directly to the preferences window

·         The normal midi mode has only 4x mixerFX

·         CTRL+1: iterate deck A mixerFX 

·         Demo:


Windows Requirements:

·         Traktor NEEDS to be v3.3 or v3.4. v3.2 is NOT supported!

·         Preferences window needs to be always open

·         Preferences window can be moved anywhere to the edge of the screen


MacOS Requirements:

·         Traktor can be any TP3 version

·         You NEED to to add BOME to the accessibility macOS Catalina settings!

·         Preferences window NEEDS  to be always open

·         Preferences window NEEDS to be OnScreen.

o   It cannot be offscreen like windows!


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