MF3D Serato

Description and Instructions

To use this Midi Mapping for Serato Scratch Live you will want to do the following:
  1. Download the zip file, it will include the mapping xml file, MF Utility mfs file, and three mapping layout jpegs
  2. Open the MF Utility with your MF3D plugged in, Go to File->Import Settings and Import the MF3D Serato mfs file
  3. Look in your "Music" folder, you should see a "_Serato_" folder, inside that is a "MIDI" folder, copy the MF3D Serato xml file into this folder. If you do not see a MIDI folder, you will want to open Serato, click on Setup, go to the Midi tab and click "New". This should create the MIDI folder and create a blank user mapping.
  4. In Setup, go to Plugins and make sure the SP-6 and DJ-FX are both enabled
  5. Click the DJ-FX tab on the main screen and make the Left FX a triple effect and the Right FX a Ultra Single effect.
  6. Go into Setup, click the Midi tab, you should see the Midi Fighter 3D as a connected device. Select the MF3D Serato mapping and click "Load" so it is the current preset.
  7. You're done! Start DJ'ing
As a brief summary of the mapping, the first two mode buttons on the MF3D control Deck A or Deck B while the other two modes are a Juggle mode and a Sampler SP-6 mode respectively. To see the function layouts for the Juggle and Sample mode, please download the mapping zip file (they are inside).

The colors I set in the MF Utility file were designed to follow the mapping function layouts but feel free to change them if you like, they have no impact on the mapping. However, I was able to match the Cue Point colors fairly well on the MF3D.

Please note that I am a Traktor DJ and rarely use Serato but wanted to make a SSL mapping for the MF3D and have learned a couple Serato mapping tricks (things you can't map in SSL's Midi mode) over time like Deleting Cue Points and having Shift modifiers for example.

So if anyone has any feedback, comments, or requests, please post them below and I will take them into consideration for any future updates. Thanks!
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Comments for v1.0.0
DJ Rishi over 8 years ago
Does it work on Serato DJ?? I can't click on MIDI button. XML file is copied to MIDI folder in _Serato_ folder. -- Rishi Serato DJ 1.8 SL4
Isaac almost 9 years ago
Does this work on Serato DJ?
DJ Rishi over 8 years ago

I have the same question? Did it work for you dude?? I can't even click on MIDI button. -- Rishi Serato DJ 1.8 SL4

Gabriel Lagmay about 10 years ago
cant ever seem to fing my dj fx tab nor do i see it in my setup menu and serato keeps telling me there isnt compatable device, please help!?
Gabriel Lagmay about 10 years ago

gee thanks....

Esinem over 10 years ago
Excellent work. Have been using this mapping as is for sometime now. Gonna attempt to move a couple things around to allow for the fifth cue point on the A B Banks. Overall though this is what I would consider "instant gratification!" ; ) SSL
flashflooder over 10 years ago

thanks! please feel free to make edits and post them on maps to share with others

artur taryan over 10 years ago
Hmmm... I just downloaded it and I can't seem to get it work with the new Serato 1.5. Anyone else or ideas to fix?
flashflooder over 10 years ago

not sure, i haven't tested it on any updated versions of serato so there may be issues but I am not currently aware of them. if you find any, please post them on this page