MF Deckalized InstaFX Mapping

Description and Instructions

This is a mapping I made a while ago based on the Deckalized Focus mapping ( that replaced all the Tempo controls on the bottom row of buttons with Instant FX buttons. I used it with my VCI-100SE and never had any use for the Tempo control buttons. I figured it's worth sharing.

Here's what it does in essence:

Each Button on the Bottom Row will trigger an effect and then once you hold that button, the adjacent buttons adjust the rate of the effect (the buttons to the right make it go up in value, buttons to the left go down in value). You can only use one of the effects at a time because once you push one, the other buttons change to be rate adjustments. Try it out and you'll see.

Other than that, 
Shift+Sync = Deck Focus -
Shift+Cue = Deck Focus +

The rest is Deckalized. I just figured it was worth posting because while I used to have ideas of improving this mapping, I never got around to it but I gave it to some friends that use it, so it's worthy of the forum at least. 

Here's a link to the original forum post if anyone is interested:
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