MF Deckalized+Instant Grat (Focus)

Description and Instructions

After a lot of requests I finally got around to combining the original Deckalized mapping ( with the original Instant Gratification mapping ( for Traktor Pro.

The main reason I want to release this is that the new "Deckalized+IG" mappings (for the MF Pros) have changed the core effects layouts and there were a lot of people that just wanted a combination of the original Deckalized and IGs (which most people are now familiar with), which this pretty much is.

So far I only have one mapping of this type done (in Deckalized fashion where each deck associates with one MF) but I plan on finishing up Focus versions soon.

The one thing you will want to pay attention to is that the "Sampler" uses the Slicer single effect in FX3 and all of the combos use Grouped effects in FX3. So, when you are switching back and forth between FX types Traktor won't activate the effect initially. In those cases, you just need to do it once to switch the fx types and selections and then it will work as expected.

Also, in order to use the combos you need to have updated Midi Fighter firmware. Just try the Beatmasher one (all 4 mash buttons held down) and if that doesn't work, you probably need to update your firmware.

Lastly, I changed Combo4 because honestly, it wasn't that cool before and I like what I changed it to better now.

If you are interested in checking out the original forum post you can do so here:
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Comments for v1.0.0
NUMAphlex over 8 years ago
Acully dollan, had no problem, plus its my default mapping for about, three years now?! been using like for real! thanks.
xtian317 almost 12 years ago
The IG combos are very inconsistent, the two gater FX are also hit and miss. Namely when trying to switch between the two. My biggest issue is with the sampler/beat slicer, which happens to be my main interest in this mapping. About 30% of the time, when I activate the loop using the sampler/juggle mode button (with no active loop), it'll grab the loop but when I put it in 'sampler mode' it's like the slicer isn't activated (e.g. the bottom two rows don't light up like they should). The idea behind this mapping is great, but it's too inconsistent for live use. As such, I've relegated it to home use only.