MF Spectra DeckGrat

Description and Instructions

This is a MF Spectra optimized mapping combining the original Midi Fighter Deckalized and Instant Gratification mappings.

More specifically, it is a Spectra version of the popular MF3D DeckGratMotion mapping (, except that it does not have any motion control.

Setup Steps

1. In order to use this mapping, please download and unzip the mapping files. Inside you should see a .tsi file, a .mfs file, and a jpeg layout.

2. Open the MF Utility and Import the .mfs file. This will import the proper MF Spectra settings and button colors. You are welcome to change the button colors to what you want in the MF Utility. Please note that in some cases the mapping will override the set colors.

3. In Traktor's Preferences window, press the large Import button on the bottom left. Repeat this step once more to ensure that the FX settings load properly. Note: If the Beatmasher or Echo freeze buttons are not loading the proper effects you need to import the FX settings one more time.

4. Go into the Controller Manager and make sure that the In-Port and Out-Port for the mapping are set to your MF Spectra.

5. Start Jamming!
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.2.0
Duy Luong over 10 years ago
how do I change focus to different deck ? I tried to press the side buttons but it would not work .
Carlos Colon over 10 years ago
For the love of god, can someone figure out a mapping for 2.5?? The last couple of traktor updates have buggy as hell, is it just me or does NI need to take this program back to the drawing board??
Cris over 10 years ago
Hey man, I'm liking this very much. I just think their should be a Vid. tutorial to walk us through on how to set it up (properly).
andrew ivan over 10 years ago
are the middle side buttons unused reason i ask is i need pitch bend as well as tempo adjust from the other and would like to customize it a little bit more
flashflooder over 10 years ago

yeah, they are unused for this very reason. so you can map whatever you want to them!

andrew ivan over 10 years ago

that's dope maybe you could help me i'd like to add some tempo controls maybe reverse function and more track loading as well as trying to add stewe's isolate mapping for the spectra on top so i could isolate the effects. those are the only controls i find it to lack. I was also thinking about making a gater sort of effect from the faders using a reverb in post fader mode let me know if you could help as i think this would be really dope

andrew ivan over 10 years ago here is my edit check it out!

Andrew Deli about 11 years ago
Hey dude, you wouldn't happen to know how to work around traktor when a prompt comes up saying "The TSI configuration isn't supported by this version of Traktor" ?
flashflooder about 11 years ago

that leads me to believe you are using an older version of Traktor than what this tsi was made on. You cannot import tsi files from newer versions into older Traktor versions and there is really no way around this besides rebuilding as far as I know. I forgot what I used for this but it's at least 2.5 or 2.6

Matt Swindler about 11 years ago

i believe its 2.6 --- i ran into a problem with importing all spectra mappings with 2.5