DJTT VCI-400SE Mapping (Flashflooder edit)

Description and Instructions

DJTT VCI-400SE MIDI Firmware (v1 & v2) Download Files, Default Audio firmware file, PDF Instructions, & PC Application Link (Note: you may get a warning when trying to download this since it has an application file in it, please disregard this warning):

If you have Mac and do not have access to a PC computer, you can try to use Vestax's beta Mac firmware updater found (download and basic explanation) here. Please note that you still need the v1/v2 MIDI firmware files included in the download above:
PLEASE NOTE: I have had a lot of difficulty getting the Mac updater to consistently work for me but given the enormous demand for it I have posted it here for people to test out should they want to.


The video below is for the v2.0/2.1 mappings which use MIDI firmware v2.

The video below is for mapping version 1.2.0 which uses MIDI firmware v1. 

This mapping is basically a fusion of what was the version DJTT VCI-400SE 1.1.2 mapping and Flashflooder's 1.2.0 mapping while also adding new Traktor 2.6 features and effects.

This mapping is only fully compatible with Traktor 2.6 or greater.


DJTT VCI-400SE Flashflooder v 2.5 MIDI Mapping for Traktor Pro 2.6

This MIDI mapping requires VCI-400SE Firmware v2 to be loaded onto the unit to function properly. To change the firmware on your unit, please see the pdf instructions inside the zipped VCI400SE FW folder that was downloaded in this mapping zip file. Please Note: Changing the MIDI firmware is not permanent so you can switch back to v1 firmware to use an older mapping at any time. This is not compatible with regular VCI-400 units

Import Instructions

Once you have successfully updated your VCI-400SE's firmware, Import the .tsi file using the Import button on the lower left section of Traktor's Preferences. Note: This large Import button will clear any other mappings and settings loaded in your Traktor so it is always safe to export all of your settings before importing new mappings!

If any of the instant effects are not loading as expected (e.g., if the Beatmashers are loading as Delays), please repeat this Import step as the FX Settings have not yet loaded properly. It should only take two imports at most and should not need to be repeated upon loading Traktor each time.

In Traktor's Preferences, go into the Controller Manager section and in the “Device” listbox there should be two VCI-400SE mappings named, “DJTT VCI-400SE v2.0.0” and “DJTT VCI-400SE v2 Mapping ADDON”. Note: Two VCI-400SE mapping files were required for this tsi file due to the necessary amount of modifiers and complexity in this mapping.

Select each mapping in the device listbox and make sure that your VCI-400SE is assigned to the “In-Port” and “Out-Port” of each mapping file. Note: If you do not see your VCI-400SE controller listed in the port options your computer does not see your VCI-400SE so please ensure you have the proper drivers loaded (if you're a PC) and make sure that the device is turned on and plugged in.

Setup Steps

Each time you open Traktor (v2.6 or greater) to use this VCI-400SE mapping you should do the following steps before playing:

  • Move the EQ knobs, Gain knob, Master Volume knob, Filter knobs, Cross fader, and Level Faders so that their physical location corresponds to their software position in Traktor.

  • Hold Shift and move the Tempo Fader to its middle position (the red LED will illuminate) so that the deck tempo will reset to its original bpm. Note: This allows your tempo faders to know the middle is the default bpm since the tempo controls are relative commands.

  • Move the jog wheels around to ensure they are responsive to your liking. You can adjust the tightness of the jog wheel by twisting the center top section and can adjust the jog wheel sensitivity by using the L/R Touch Sensor knobs on the front left of the unit. If the L/R sensor knobs are turned all the way to the left the jog wheel will not respond to touch and it they are all the way to the right they will always think you are touching the jog wheel so be careful! Note: It is recommended to turn the sensor knobs to the right until the jog wheel LED changes and then turn them slightly down to ensure optimal sensitivity

  • Make sure you have your XLR or 1/4” outputs wired and set up for sound. Note: The RCA ports and inputs and this is often confused

  • Start jamming!


FX/Loop Decks Sections

  • On Left Side (as shown above)

  • FX1 Button (& LED) = FX Unit 1 Controls

    • Encoder controls Dry/Wet, Three knobs control three effects/parameters

    • Shift + Encoder Push = Changes FX Unit between Single and Group FX

    • Shift + Knob turn = Effect select

    • Shift + FX Button 1/2/3/4 = FX PRESETS

      • FX Presets are unique to each FX Bank

      • FX Banks 1 & 3 Presets are for Three Group FX

      • FX Banks 2 & 4 Presets are for Single FX (i.e., what is in effect slot 1)

      • These FX PRESETS can easily be edited by going into the Controller Manager, selecting the “DJTT VCI-400SE v2.x.x Mapping ADDON” mapping in the device listbox, and sorting by comments. The FX Presets will be the first alphabetical comments starting with “_FX1 PRESET...”, “_FX2 PRESET...”, etc)

  • Loop Decks Button (& LED) = FX Unit 3 Controls

  • Shift+ FX1 or Loop Decks Button (both LEDs lit) = Remix Deck C Controls

    • Knob/encoder controls individual Remix slot volume

    • Button will play, then mute/unmute sample slot

    • Shift + Button will Stop sample play and unload sample slot

  • On Right Side, same except controls FX2, FX4, and Remix Deck D

Loop Control Section

  • Loop Move, Loop Active, Loop Set & Length are self-explanatory

  • Shift + Loop Move = Fine Loop Move

  • Shift + Loop Length = Fine Deck Tempo Adjust

  • Browse Push + Loop Length = Fine Master Tempo Adjust

  • Shift + Loop Set = Set Deck Tempo as Master

When Freeze Mode is activated:

  • Loop Move = Freeze Slice Count Adjustment

  • Loop Set/Length = Freeze Slice Size Adjustment

Performance Grid Section

  • Slicer Section

    • 8 different Instant SliceFX (Beatslicer on FX Unit 2) values

    • Shift+Instant Slice button (or Slice mode button + Instant Slice button) will Set a Loop and Toggle On the Slicer effect to create a virtual “loop” (from the slicer effect,) which can then be modulated using the 8 SliceFX buttons.

      • The Slicer virtual “loop” will not loop cleanly if the track's beatgrid is not properly set and does not always work consistently at all ranges of bpms.

    • When the looped Slice effect in active, the LEDs on all 8 buttons should be lit. Press Shift/Slice mode button + Instant Slice button to release loop and deactivate effect

  • Gratify Section

    • Top row: Beatmasher (FX1 Eff1) values from ½, ¼, 1/8, 1/16 beat repeat/roll

    • Second row: Gater Slow (FX1 Eff2), Gater Fast (FX1 Eff2), Reverb (FX3 Eff 1), Delay (FX3 Eff 3)

  • Cues Section

    • 8 buttons are Deck Hotcue 1-8 control. Top row is 1 to 4, Bottom is 5 to 8.

    • Pressing Hotcue button will set the corresponding Hotcue if there is no cue stored, otherwise it will trigger the Cue point.

    • The button LED will be on if there is a cue point present on that track

  • Grid Section

    • Freeze Mode control for each deck

    • Pressing the Grid section button will activate Freeze mode on selected deck

    • All 8 buttons will then light up and control the first 8 slices of freeze mode.

    • Use the Loop Move and Loop length encoders to change the count and size of the slices in freeze mode. The slice count defaults to 8 when turned on.

    • If the Freeze slice count is changed to within 1-8, the LEDs will blink in reaction to the slice size. This will cause some buttons to turn off as you reduce the slice count; however, at least one button will always remain blinking (on the slice count number) to signify that freeze mode is active.

    • Grid section button is used to turn off Freeze mode (LEDs will turn off of buttons)

Middle Record Section

  • A = Control FX1 Dry/Wet

  • B = Control FX2 Dry/Wet

  • C = Control FX3 Dry/Wet

  • D = Control FX4 Dry/Wet

  • Mini Fader = FX Dry/Wet control (0% to 100%)

  • The Fader controls the Dry/Wet for all selected FX banks (selected FX banks will light up when toggled on).

  • Direct Dry/Wet FX commands have been removed from the Gratify and JogFX section as a result of this section as well for maximum user control.

  • Shift + A = Loop Recorder Delete

  • Shift + B = Loop Recorder Record Toggle (LED will be on if there is a Loop loaded)

  • Shift + Mini Fader = Loop Recorder Dry/Wet

  • Shift + C = Snap Toggle (LED with Shift on)

  • Shift + D = Quantize Toggle (LED with Shift on)

Global Deck Controls

  • Gain is set to Soft Takeover, Shift+Gain is a Direct command (no soft takeover)

  • Shift+Sync = Key Lock

  • Shift+Filter knob = Key Control

  • Shift+FX Unit 1/2 Route buttons = Route FX Unit 3/4 (LEDs will change to show routing with Shift too)

  • Shift + Headphone Cue = Deck Flux Mode control (LEDs will change to reflect Flux when holding Shift as well)

  • Headphone Cue + FX1 = Deck Cue

  • Headphone Cue + FX2 = Deck Play

  • The Tempo Faders are relative commands. At a Tempo Range of 50%, this will make your tempo fader move from +8%/-8% along its range. Note: You can change the range of your tempo fader by changing the Tempo Range in the Transport section of the Preferences

  • Shift + Tempo fader = Direct Tempo Control (this will directly change the deck tempo to what is set in your Tempo Range, typically +50%/-50%). Note: Shift + the Middle Tempo Fader position will always set track to original bpm. The Red LED will illuminate at the middle position.

  • When the controlled deck is a Remix Deck most all regular controls work as well such as Play, Cue, Jog turn, Pitch Bend with Outer Jog wheel, Level, Sync, Key Sync, etc.

Browse Controls

  • Browse Encoder Push = Toggle Browse View mode

  • Browse Encoder Move = Navigation through current list

  • Browse Encoder Push + Move = Browse Favorites/”Crates”

  • Shift + Browse Encoder Move = Tree Navigation

  • Shift + Browse Encoder Push = Expand/Collapse Tree

Deck Transport Buttons

  • Cue 1-4 Section Tab (Red button LEDs)

    • Each button sets a “FreezeFX” Preset

    • The FreezeFX presets are (from L to R): Delay, Reverb, Tape Delay, Ramp Delay

    • Pressing a FreezeFX preset button will turn On the effect and “Freeze” the effect upon release of the button. Note: if a FreezeFX button is pressed when another is on it will turn off the effect prior to turning on the new Freeze effect. The LEDs on the buttons will signify when a FreezeFX preset is on.

    • When a FreezeFX preset is activated the jog wheel can be used to modulate the rate of the Freeze effect. This will work before and after the “freeze” is activated.

  • Loop Section (Green LEDs)

    • If Deck is a Remix Deck, these four buttons will play then mute/unmute sample slots in remix decks. LED will be lit when playing and unmuted.

    • If Deck is a Track Deck, the buttons will perform the following functions (from Left to Right): Loop In, Loop Out, Loop Size -, Loop Size +

    • When a loop is activated, both the Loop In and Loop Out button's LEDs will illuminate.

  • JogFX Section (Amber LEDs, Jogwheel LED Red)

    • 4 JogFX presets

    • With preset enabled, touching the jog wheel will activate an effect and moving the jog wheel will modulate those effects (while still touching the jog wheel).

If you have any feedback on the mapping or any questions, please share your comments on the appropriate mapping page at Thanks!

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v2.6.0
Jean-Francois Pilotte over 3 years ago
Amazing! Thank you for your hard work! One note for people when importing the .tsi file that you need to delete the other mappings in the drop down as they are and make the crossfader link to the Hi and Lo of Channel A. Deleted all but the Flashfooder main and works like an absolute charm!
mnckraze about 4 years ago
Will this mapping still work with tp3?
flashflooder about 4 years ago

Yes, it does

YMG over 7 years ago
Will this mapping work with Traktor's latest update- 2.11? If not, will we see an update to the mapping that is compatible?
Nico almost 8 years ago
Hi the link its working(probably since the went bankrupt) is there an alternative download link? And also do you have any reports on bricking while using the Mac to flash the controller? Thanks
Tyler over 8 years ago
Anyone know where I can find the 2.0 audio firmware for the standalone mixer function with English instructions? The Sertato site only has it german...Want to upgrade VCI400EGE. Thanks!