SPIN Basic Mapping

Description and Instructions

The "SPIN Basic" mapping was designed to be able to work with Traktor Duo but will also work with Traktor Pro (it is a 2 Deck, 2 FX Bank based mapping). The mapping also employs a Fader FX mode and an Instant FX button in addition to other typical controls.

The tsi and a labeled Mapping layout JPEG are attached with this post. Most functions should be self explanatory after viewing the mapping layout (especially if you are familiar with the VCI-100 mapping); however, if there are any questions please feel free to ask. Anything which was not labeled on the Mapping layout (e.g., the EQ faders) functions essentially as its original label. 

First off, I will explain a few things that may not be obvious from the layout.

-The existing "Gain" faders control the 5 FX Presets (with corresponding LEDs) for each FX Bank. As you move the fader, the FX Presets will instantly change signified by the LED moving next to it.

-FX Parameter1 is always dedicated to the Instant FX button. Currently, the Instant FX parameter is set to Beatmasher for every FX Preset (there will be different FX settings for different FX Presets in the future). While holding the Instant FX button, you can control the instant fx rate by moving the jog wheel.

-FX Parameters 2 & 3 are reserved for Fader FX mode where touching the Jog Wheel will activate FX Parameter3, moving the Jogwheel will control the FX Parameter3 amount and the FX Dry/Wet, and the level fader will activate/control the FX Parameter2 amount and the FX Dry/Wet. 

In the future, the FX Presets and Instant FX settings will likely be tweaked to offer the best possible combinations; however, for now these should suffice. On that note, I've commented every line in the mapping for easy understanding and editability. For instance, the FX Presets are very easy to locate and change should you be inclined to.  

If you're interested in the original forum thread you can find that here: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=12672
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Comments for v0.1.0
Zev about 12 years ago
It's okay, I think Vestax Spin users want a mapping for Traktor that is for all around DJ-ing. This is good though. I wouldn't use it live but I thank you for making it!
Alex over 9 years ago

hey I have a mac and i can't read your basic mapping guide, can you help me to set up my vestal spin 1 with traktor 2 please? i?m already a dj, but I used just consolle with cd. emailme pleaseee thank you. alexandra