How to InstantGrat Template

Description and Instructions

Single deck "Instant Gratification" style mapping designed for a Midi Fighter (but can be remapped to any Midi controller easily). All commands are mapped to Mid Note On/Off data (not to CC's).

All 16 buttons trigger an instant audio effect onto Deck A (and off of Deck B). This is only a Single deck mapping meant to be a template for learning, easy editing, and tweaking of instant gratification style effects. All of the commands are commented based on the button number they are associated with (i.e., Button 1 bottom left corner, Button 16 top right corner).

The Bottom Row (Buttons 1-4) controls a Single Effect (The Slicer) in FX Bank 1
The 2nd Row from the Bottom (Buttons 5-8) control: FX 2 Effect 1 (Beatmasher).
The 2nd Row from the Top (Buttons 9-12) control: FX 2-2 (Flt92 LFO), FX 2-3 (Tape Delay), FX 3-1 (Gater), & FX 3-2 (Flanger)
The Top Row (Buttons 13-16) control: FX 3-3 (Mullholland Drive), FX 4-1 (Reverse Stretch), FX 4-2 (Reverb), FX 4-3 (Delay)

This is the free mapping to along with my DJTT Article: ...coming soon
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Comments for v1.0.0
fayek helmi about 8 years ago
Hey i have a question, instead of mapping a 16 button bank to each deck, id rather map the 16 buttons to do their job without fx routing and then have 4 extra buttons to select whether the FX will affect which deck or what combination of decks... catch my drift? as in button 1 deck button 2 deck b etc.. let's say i want to do some instagrat on deck a and c i toggle on button 1 and 3 and then the 16 buttons will affect decks A and C Now theoretically i understand that this is fairly simple, you can just use each button and map them to turn all 4 FX of said deck on/off as a toggle... but because im not familiar with the way the effects themselves in this instagrat setup work, could this inversly affect the performance of the effects? as in, would this independent fx routing cause effects not to work properly, are there affects that need to turn on/off inside the mapping itself? Hope i made myself clear and not confused you...
nikolai almost 9 years ago
Hey FF, trying to set this up with a Trigger Finger. I've mapped buttons 9-16 to pads 9-16 but looking at the 4 groups of buttons 1-4 I'm not sure which way to group them left to right... C2, C#2, D2, D#2 ? And the same idea for 5-8?
Deejay Slice about 9 years ago
Seems like it doesnt work on 2.6.8 with Kontrol F1. Any fix?
flashflooder about 9 years ago

Is the F1 is midi mode or in HID mode? It would need to be in Midi mode and you'd probably have to remap all of the buttons

Cuong Dang about 9 years ago
i had maped it wth my launchpad mini, great thank to you, #flashflooder
flashflooder over 9 years ago
for some reason this is downloading as a .xml file. it's a .tsi file. you may need to manually change the extension to get it to work
Stewe over 9 years ago

zip the file dude - to prevent from this issue.

flashflooder about 9 years ago

gotcha thanks