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Hombre's DJPP 72 Mapping

Description and Instructions

Wow...what a beast of a mixer!

Thanks to Rane's foresight to make this mixer both USB Class Compliant for Audio and Midi it means that it can be used well with DJ Player Professional on iOS...yes, that's right...Rane Seventy Two flagship mixer with an iPad! All you would need is a CCK to ensure your iPad hooks up via USB to the mixer.

I've tried to keep the mapping as simple as possible, leaving the mixer to do the heavy lifting regarding cross-faders, up-faders, EQs etc.

The pad buttons are mapped as closely to Serato as possible, even down to the colours. Rane in their wisdom have locked use of the pad mode buttons (little buttons above the MPC style pads) for anything other than Serato which is a shame - maybe this will change later. However, you can still use them, just press Shift and the pad mode button for Cues, Loops and Transport.

For Loops, the small parameter buttons on the mixer will extend/reduce the auto loop length.

You can still use all the built-in Rane FX in the mixer - I haven't mapped anything for DJPP FX.

Feel free to tweak & modify as you see fit! What's great is that even with just the mixer and an iPad you could rock a 2-deck set simply by using Cues/Loops/Transport buttons (like a controller!) - no need for turntables...or useful if a deck/DVS completely fails on you.

Works perfectly with Serato timecode or Phase DVS as inputs. Can't work out how to map a TWELVE platter successfully though - still waiting on support from Rane to do this.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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