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Pioneer DDJ-WeGo

Description and Instructions

A quick mapping for the Pioneer DDJ-WeGo controller to DJ Player.

The mapping covers 4 deck mixing, but the video shows how to connect DJ Player up to access decks C & D (it's an odd workaround, but necessary at the moment...it may change in the future).

I've updated the mapping now to cover some of the cooler features of DJ Player, so for each deck;

- Load button enables momentary reverse
- CtrlA = Time FX On/Off
- FX1 = Filter On/Off
- FX2 = Color On/Off
- FX3 = Space On/Off
- CtrlB = FaderFX On/Off

I've also dropped the tickcount on the jogs for a quicker scratch movement.

The auto loop button and browse button are still free for mapping and don't forget if you press the 'Shift' button on the hardware you have some additional midi messages you could use.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.2.0
Dion about 4 years ago
why does the file created as .midimap? the app require .djpmap file. I change the extension but it remains empty no mapping inside. any suggestion?
William E. Cruz over 6 years ago
Never mind I found it & I love it!
William E. Cruz over 6 years ago
Hombre/Dudes, I'm new to this how do you go about importing this? I'm searching the web as I ask this to do my due diligence but wondered if a fellow spinner could educate me. Thx!
fretjean about 7 years ago
Hello, Will you do on the Hercules RMX 2 ? Do you think it is possible ? Thanks!