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Faderfox DJ44 Mapping for DJ Player Pro

Description and Instructions

This is as close a mapping to the standard Traktor mapping I could get but for DJ Player.

Most of the controls are as per the labelling on the unit, however the following are slightly different;

Filter button = deck stop
Shift + Filter button = deck brake
Shift + Tree encoder press = Record
VU LEDs are for each track, not master - the db level may need tweaking...but it's a good start!
Press Pitch button = Key Lock on/off

Dry/Wet rotary = volume for Deck C & D
Pan = filter for Deck C & D

Deck C & D are mapped, but with slightly limited functionality - the rotary dials for EQ, Filter and FX are only for deck A & B. This is the same for the channel fader too...although the LEDs for Deck C & D are mapped! When changing from A or B to C or D, the screen doesn't change - but the controller does. When changing from C or D to A or B, the screen will change back to A or B...this is because the controller function to do this sends the same midi message, only the CC value is different - it toggles between 0 and 127.

Play button now flashes to indicate track end.
Filter LED shows whether filter is on/off.
FX assign LEDs flash on
Beat 1 & 3

To erase cues/loops, press the Tree encoder and the cue/loop to be deleted. Tree encoder now acts as software shift (in v0.6)
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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