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iON Audio iDJ2Go

Description and Instructions

A slimline controller with a handful of controls...I've mapped the volume control dial for each deck to the LowPass/HighPass filter mapping (on the  Mixer tab)...I figured that with the auto-gain functionality in DJ Player working well then these 2 controls should be better used! Best to set them both pointing to 12 o'clock (mid-way between full left & full right) = no filter. Turn anticlockwise to perform Low-pass filtering and clockwise to do high-pass.

Because the central track load buttons aren't used to load tracks in DJ Player, I've set them up as follows;

  • Load A / B = Reverse
  • Back / Enter = Momentary Reverse
I couldn't find a decent use for the central 'Browse' switch though.

These settings really brought the iDJ2Go to life for me...I hope they're useful to you as well!
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