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Faderfox DJ44 mapping for djay

Description and Instructions

Version 0.3 is the one to trust here.

I've created this mapping on a Windows laptop and by copy & pasting bits from other mapping files, I didn't have the luxury of doing this on a Mac with midi learn!


Most functions operate on the DJ44 as labelled, although functionality in djay is a bit more limited to other programs.

Here's some detail;

- Press Pitch rotary to reset speed to zero.
- Press Shift & Pitch rotary to switch Key lock on/off
- Press Size rotary to enable auto loop / switch off loop
- Size rotary will affect auto loop length
- Pan now mapped
- most controls mapped with pickup mode enabled
- Seek rotary mapped for quick scrubbing through track
- Press Browser rotary to load library window
- Press shift & FX buttons to scroll through selected FX
- Cues 1-4 work as expected. Use them to set a cue and once set it will playback from that point.
- Shift & Cues 1-4 will clear the cue point
- FX assign 1/3 button will enable Slip mode
- FX assign 2/4 button will enable Reverse mode
- 2 dark grey buttons are pitch bend +/-
- Kill button will perform Low EQ kill - only while button is held
- Shift & Kill button will perform High EQ killĀ - only while button is held

There's still a few controls available to map to, however without knowing the full extent of djay's midi mapping functions I have stopped at the current point. You could extend this by mapping sampler and deck transition functions too.
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