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Dark Fader Serato Mapping (Cue/Play)

Description and Instructions

Mapping supports:
  • SL1200 fader: tempo pitch
  • Top knob: deck A/B toggle (midi channel 1/2)
  • Buttom knob: Shift on/off
  • L/R knob: pitch bend -/+
  • L/R knob & Shift: Cue/Play

Additional features (DF itself, no mapping needed)
  • LED (Top): RED on midi channel 1, GREEN on midi channel 2
  • LED (Fader mid): RED flashing if fader movement detected, GREEN if in exact mid position, OFF during movements if midi soft takeover is waiting (DF offers by default inbuild Midi Soft Takeover feature on channel changes, enable/disable in Power On Setup Mode)
  • Top knob & Shift: Pitch Reset to zero (simulates Technics TT 1200mk3 pitch reset knob)
1 mapping covers both deck A & B.

Enjoy ;)
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