Rekordbox MF3D

Description and Instructions

Basic mapping for Rekordbox which should serve as a platform for anyone that wants to get their hands dirty. To install import the MFS file using the MF Utility and the CVS file inside Rekordbox's own MIDI window.


* A-B Hotcues

* A-B Pad FX

* A-B Slicer

* 16 pad Slicer.

Mode navigation is done with the bank buttons. Top part of the unit controls Deck A and lower half controls B
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
DJ Vest almost 4 years ago
Hey Buddy Great Mapping! Im struggling with the Cue Points. When i hit the CUE on the MF it will lock it somehow for the other controllers. I am using Rekordbox with an Pioneer DJM-S9 Mixer and when i hit the cue Pad on the Mixer, it will trigger the CUE Point, but on release of the Pad it will trigger the CUE Point i played earlier on the MF. Did you ever experienced something like that? Greetings
Felix Tod over 4 years ago
i had to LEARN in rekordbox the key command for Pad FX...opened midi on rekordbox, selected midifighter , found the PAD FX controls and hit learn.It seemed like the letter B had been used instead of an 8 , but anyway just hit learn and make sure u learn the button ON command not button off. just post if u want this edit.
Chris over 5 years ago
Hey bud I'm having alittle trouble with the pad FX mode on the midi fighter. The hotcues and splicer work fine but when i switch to the pad FX mode by pressing the second blank button and press the lightup buttons nothing happens in rekordbox Please help !
padi_04 over 5 years ago

Double check you imported the MFS file correctly using the Midi Fighter Utility. You need to press on the blue "Send to Midifighter" button in the utility to push the changes to the unit.

Hosie over 6 years ago
Do you think you can add some effects to the gyroscope/side controls
padi_04 over 6 years ago

Probably but it's really limiting what you can do with just Rekordbox. Most Traktor maps you see for the 3D rely heavily on modifiers which are simply not there on RB, so you'd have to resort to a 3rd party app to recreate them.