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Paddy's DDJ-RX Traktor Mapping

Description and Instructions

This mapping focuses on Rekordbox's workflow for the most part while taking advantage of Traktor specific features such as the Remix Decks and new Sequencer functionality.

Full install instructions and documentation is included in the download explaining what each control does.

Requirements: Traktor 2.11 or higher is required for this mapping to work

NOTE: This mapping is no longer being updated.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
Cosmin over 4 years ago
Hi! When is the next update?
padi_04 over 4 years ago

Sadly I no longer have the RX so can't test changes on it.

sanil shrestha almost 5 years ago
i have add this tsi file in my traktor 2.11.1 31 But My case not working for my i do import still not work why??
padi_04 almost 5 years ago

Is the whole mapping not working or parts of it? Did you double check that the right In/Out Ports were setup?

Jeypieh almost 5 years ago

ive got the same problem. I had imported the mapping but it will not work.

Kheyler about 5 years ago
Hello Padi, first thank you for excellent TSI, I did a few modifications to my liking and I am more than perfect. Thank you very much for the time and make the work of this controller with Traktor easier. If you are illuminated, you could complete the follow-up by filling up the TSI so that everything works at 100%, such as samplers. I will be aware of your publications and I will gladly leave you with my +1. My regards, brother.
justakaduppy almost 4 years ago

Hi Kheyler , Do you have everything on the DDJ RX mapped without problems to Traktor if so could please have a copy ? Regards Justin

Liam almost 3 years ago

Would also be extremely interested to see your imrovements too.

S7YX about 5 years ago
Hi padi. Superb mapping. Excellent job. I have one question though, switching between 4 decks and 2 decks + 2 remix decks does not work. I have imported the complete TSI but all that happens when pushing the panel select button is that the mixing section in the view is switched on and off. Any help would be appreciated.
Jason Spencer about 5 years ago
I'm hoping it was a fluke, but like an idiot I updated my Traktor with the new 2.11.1 without testing it against the DDJ-RX first. I stress tested the laptop with some NI controllers, but not the RX. The first time I tried to run it connect to the RX, all of my mappings were WAY off. Load buttons didn't work, a few knobs were wonky, etc. I was already live, and rather than troubleshoot I simply flipped over to RecordBox and kept on playing. Am I the only one with this issue or did others encounter this mapping getting thrown off with the new update?
Chris Suter about 5 years ago

For me it works. - macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 - DDJ-RX Firmware 1.03 Not tested on a live gig, but after first test no Problems. Do you have the new DDJ-RX Firmware 1.04?