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MF Twister Ableton Sequencer

Description and Instructions

To maximise Twister's sequencer functionality I made a special Drum Rack that allows you to route each column's audio into an internal track so you can expect the same workflow as you get in Traktor's Remix Decks. This allows you to not only add effects per sample as you would expect in Ableton but have column specific effects, mutes and filters.

1. To install this Drum Rack simply download the attached zip file and uncompress it.

2. Open the contained Ableton Project.

3. Open Ableton's preferences and navigate to the MIDI/Sync tab.

4. Enable TRACK and REMOTE Inputs.

5. Enable SYNC and REMOTE Outputs.

To enter the sequencer layer simply hold down both middle side buttons on your device and finally press the top right side button to start Twister's clock. If can't get it to work make sure the project is running.

If you want to save this project as your template so it loads each time Ableton boots then open it's preferences window and click SAVE in the File/Folder tab.

NOTE: The Ableton session needs to be running in order for the sequencer to work since it relies on Ableton's Master Clock.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.1
brandon about 23 hours ago
I've been trying to get this to work in live10 for three days. I'm moments away from driving to DJTT main office and chucking this device through their goddamned window. I've installed MFT8.mfs, set inputs/outputs per instructions, and fiddled with every setting in between to make this work as a sequencer...NOTHING WORKS. A little help here?
Ray Salas 10 months ago
Hi, The sequencer is running at 1/32 how do I change it to 1/16? Thanks!
Craig Woolard over 1 year ago
Padi, holding down the side buttons to resync the internal clock is not working in Ableton Live 10. Can you update the script to work reliably with the latest version of Ableton Live 10?
padi_04 over 1 year ago

This is a traditional mapping which doesn't rely on scripting (it's using Twister's internal sequencer). Make sure the project is running (play button is lit green in Ableton) and that SYNC out is enabled for Twister in the MIDI/Sync preferences.

Tomi over 1 year ago
How do you get it to sync with the click? The twister sequencer runs on it own and it's impossible to play with other stuff because how it is not syncable
padi_04 over 1 year ago

Side buttons can be used to resync the internal clock

Joe harris over 2 years ago
Is the sequencing somehow saved into the Twister? I ask because I have started different projects using the Twister Ableton Sequencer Project as a template to begin from but it seems like changes I make in one project cary over into the other. Thanks!
padi_04 over 2 years ago

Yes, the sequencer itself lives inside Twister, this template just makes using it in Ableton easier. You can use the lower right side button to enter the Snapshot page and save different states there by pressing an encoder. If you need to delete one hold that lower right side button and then push on the encoder you want cleared.